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Why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy in 2021

Why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy in 2021

What is Video Marketing?

One of the most effective tools for businesses in the digital era is to promote and market their brand, products and services via video. It enables businesses to educate prospects and customers about their products or services as well as their message in an easily digestible way. 

There are multiple ways for businesses to market themselves and send a message to their audience through video marketing. Some examples include teasers of upcoming products or services, “about us” videos, testimonials, advertisements and promotional videos. 

The most important element of a video is the content and how well you deliver your message to the targeted audience.

How video marketing helps businesses to grow

Based on statistics from HubSpot, video marketing is the most effective strategy for businesses to use for their content tactics. Promotional videos and brand storytelling are the most common video styles used by marketers. Also, Facebook is the primary distribution channel for content.

Video marketing has significant effects in boosting the digital performance of businesses. 

Starting a video marketing campaign?

To start an effective video marketing campaign, there are steps to follow for each business in order to acquire qualified leads, educate consumers about services and products, and ultimately turn them into loyal customers.

The best video length for each platform

One of the first steps you need to be made aware of is the length of each video across all platforms as they are all different. 

  1. Instagram recommended video length is 30 seconds. The main idea is to be direct and get straight to the point because users typically scroll through the platform quickly. 
  2. Twitter recommended video length is 30-45 seconds because Twitter is more effective when it comes to shorter posts and videos. Especially because there is a limit as to how many characters users can use to respond.
  3. Facebook recommended video length is 1 minute. This is because users are more likely to be interested in shorter videos and they are more likely to scroll through content quicker. 
  4. YouTube is quite tricky because it depends on the nature of your content. The recommended video length for any video is 2minutes however, you can create longer videos as long as it is engaging for the audience and delivers value.

Video Marketing and PR

In order for the customer to consider your brand, it becomes very important for you to convey relevant information with the most memorable and visual imagery and content. Other customer’s testimonials on the video or on the landing page of the given link would encourage the audience to feel more comfortable with the brand.

You may also want to consider some form of brand storytelling. You would be surprised to see how much your story (and even the stories of those you work with), resonates with your audience and also makes a meaningful connection to your brand.


It is an undeniable fact that moving towards digital platforms creates more opportunities to engage with prospects through videos as an entertaining and informative tool. It is critical for brands to present their effective content via videos to improve marketing results and ROI.


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