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It’s a wonderful time of year for any passionate, fresh, edgy, energetic, funny, stylish and knowledgable young adult as the Much Music VJ search is on and Sheldon Neil is in the running.

Aside from certain perks like being on the red carpet at the MMVA‘s, interviewing celebrities, attending and hosting the best events in the city; there’s a lot more to Sheldon that secures his place in this year’s running.

His MMVJ interview shows us what Sheldon intends to bring to the table, how he will use his role as VJ to affect youth and also his bad experience with Michael Jackson’s: Thriller.

As the new MuchMusic VJ, what would you bring to much?
As the NEW MuchMusic VJ, I would not only bring enthusiasm, innovation, positive attitude and a LOVE for people — BUT a strong sense of journalism. I can edit, film and host my own pieces. I have worked as a REPORTER for CBC News Windsor at 6pm, PRODUCER for CBC NewsNow, an On-Air Contributor on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. I have worked as an On-AIR Host for Context With Lorna Dueck, which airs on Global TV and in the US. I have experience in Sports Journalism, on Raptors TV, experience hosting my own music radio show, just to name a few. I want to bring the factor that brings together —Personality and Skill. I believe thats what would makes me special, and would make me a great addition to the already talented MUCHMUSIC team! I wouldn’t just bring high energy, innovation, and talent — and (on the spot random dancing) . . . but concrete broadcast skills that will get the job done! ALSO — I have a mow hawk!

How would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as someone who is smart, driven, unrelenting, outside the box, Zanny stylish, funny, loves the art of television, lots of energy— and doesn’t need a Red Bull to start the day! LOL.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?
HANDS DOWN — I would love to interview, JAY Z or LADY GAGA. I think they are two artists who I believe are not only interested in creating their music, but they are equally interested in starting movements that influence generations of youth. Lady Gaga has her crew, the “Monsters” and Jay Z has those who throw up “The Rock.” They are artists who produce music, but also move to create new worlds through their music. Not every artist is interested in that. I would love to ask Jay Z … just for starters: I would love to ask Lady Gaga …. just for starters:

Tell us about a song, artist or album that changed your life.
I don’t think there is a song, artist or album that ever really changed my life. BUT, there is an up and coming artist many in mainstream may not know of, named Lecrae. He’s a rapper, who just won a Grammy. He does AMAZING concept albums. He picks a theme (i.e. Rehab, Gravity) and then creates an entire album (i.e. songs, lyrics) … around that theme. Great artist and great concept creator.

What are some big trends or issues affecting youth in Canada.
The big issues that are affecting youth in Canada include: -Struggles surrounding Teen Suicide -Bullying among Teens -Struggles surrounding body image and acceptance – Violence and murder in communities between youth. MUCHMUSIC serves as a place where youth across the country go to hear the latest music, stay informed on the latest trends, and stay engaged on the personalities that are informing our culture. With that in mind, I believe MUCHMUSIC and more importantly a VJ has a unique responsibility to help guide audiences and youth through that which is out in society working to influence them the most. As the NEW MUCHMUSIC VJ, I would work to ensure that youth audiences feel safe, and can view myself as a trusted source who can keep them plugged in that which makes up a balanced life — bringing balance and informing them both culturally and socially.

What is your best music experience story?
To tell you my best music experience EVER story . . . I’d have to take you back to my childhood. You ready? Alright, here we go. So, Michael Jackson’s THRILLER music video always gave me the creeps!!!! I remember, when I was young, I walked into my kitchen one night, and my mother (i.e. who knew how scary I thought the video was) saw me coming, and said, “Don’t look, if I were you.” OF COURSE, I looked! My dear friends, boy did I regret it! I looked at the TV, saw just a part of the video…. and IMMEDIATELY bursted into tears of fear, and ran ALLLLLL the way upstairs. Yup. Needless to say, I slept with my parents that night.

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