Our Training & Mentorship program is for current students or recent graduates in an accredited college or university. Students will be mentored by seasoned professionals and receive hands-on learning by working on real world projects; giving them the experience and portfolio they need to search for job opportunities.


The Training & Mentorship program will be opened year-round for students to participate either full-time, part-time, by project or on a freelance basis. The departments of learning fall under the following categories:

  • Marketing (digital/online)
  • Sales
  • Graphic Design
  • Communications (including videography and photography)
  • Public Relations
  • Writing/Editing
  • Journalism
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Human Resources


Brand Development & Management
Helping clients establish business systems, tools and processes that will ensure the quality and consistency of products and services delivered. Includes the development of a brand identity and managing brand platforms like website and social media.

Online Advertising
Design, setup, monitoring and management of online advertising through Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms. Includes monitoring metrics and adjusting campaigns for effectiveness.

Building Relationships
Engaging in the fine art of communication via phone, email and in-person meetings and networking events to create and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

Client Liaison
Learning to deliver the best in class customer service while learning how to handle objections and conflicts.

Videography & Video Editing
Capturing the vision via video. Understanding space/setting and learning the guidelines to shooting great video for social media, advertising and websites.

Photography & Photo Editing
Develop your eye for capturing key moments in the client journey to communicate their story and brand values.

Marketing & Communications Strategy
Developing strategy through careful research of the client, their competitors, industry and markets.

Event Planning
Event planning focus includes preparing the event budget, venue research and selection, vendor management and event evaluation.

Business Setup
Navigating the road to setting up a business including business registration or incorporation, identifying necessary tools and resources, and establishing systems and processes for general business management.

Recruiting & Training
Creating and managing a blueprint for recruiting new team members as well as development and management of new team members orientation and training.

Management & Office Administration
Overseeing the setup and operation for internal company management and administration. Includes establishing and overseeing company systems and processes for effeciency.

Accounting & Finance
Ongoing preparation and management of company financial statements including projections. Also processing and regulating company-wide expenses.