The secret’s out!


Author, speaker and consultant Ava Eagle Brown and author and radio influencer Sonia Poleon have teamed up to bring world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas to London on September 24, 2016.


Don’t know who Dr. Thomas is? He also goes by ET The Hip Hop Preacher. Or, perhaps his infamous “How Bad Do You Want It” speech would ring a bell? During his time on British soil, Dr. Thomas will be revealing more of his secrets to success, including how to overcome the dead-end job, make six figures and create a “winning” mindset.


For the past six weeks, Brown and Poleon have been teasing fans with this news. Watch their official announcement here.


For more details, media inquiries and partnership opportunities, contact:

Ava Eagle Brown at [email protected] or 44-780-886-6870.


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