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Tara L. Paige Joins the Conversation on Kids & Faith [AllParenting.com]


DALLAS, TX (Jul. 9, 2015)—When All Parenting wanted feedback from parents on kids and faith, they turned to our client, Tara L. Paige for their articles on: 6 Thing I Want to Teach my Kids About Faith and 13 Kids Describe What Faith Means to Them.

6 Things I Want to Teach my Kids About Faith

What are today’s moms teaching their kids about faith and spirituality? We spoke with moms to find out what they teach their kids, both in words and in actions, about their faith. From providing a strong foundation to stand on to trusting in their own personal journey and their emotions, moms share the top six things they want to teach their kids about faith.

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We Asked, They Answered: 13 Kids Describe What Faith Means to Them

What does faith mean to kids? We asked 13 children to talk about their personal beliefs on this spiritual topic, and their sweet and honest answers will pleasantly surprise you.

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About Tara L. Paige

Tara L. Paige is a speaker and author of 5 Kids and I Had the Nerve to Ask God for a Husband. Tara also hosts REAL TLP TV on YouTube and you can find her online at www.taralpaige.com.

Media contact: Sandra Gabriel | 1-888-336-3763 x: 47 | [email protected]

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