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Tanya Hayles on Having The Talk: The conversation about racism in the black community

Tanya Hayles on Having The Talk: The conversation about racism in the black community

Toronto, ON. June 6, 2020 – CBC News Network has a very important conversation about the infamous ‘talk’ in the black community. Tanya Hayles was amongst those interviewed to give their take on “the talk” and the importance of having it within the black community. 

Since the recent death of George Floyd, a lot of parents around Canada and the US had to face the unfortunate realities of racism. However, this is an everyday phenomenon in the black community. For years parents would have the talk with their young children consisting of how to act around police to avoid being arrested and avoid being killed. 

“The talk is basically when racism comes knocking at our door. It could be when a child is called the N-word on the playground when they’re followed in a retail store, pulled over and racially profiled while driving”, says Hayles “ It could be any sorts of things and even preventatives, trying to provide them with tools and armour to face the world.” 

Since Tanya’s child is only seven, she has chosen to shield him from what is going on and protect his innocence. However, she is aware that this can only last so long as her son will grow older and become racially profiled, which will lead to a second and more prominent ‘talk’ that she is going to have much like the other moms apart of the Black Moms Connection. 

“Some have already started to have this conversation as soon as our sons get their licenses it’s apart of the script you know it’s like ‘here’s what to do when you get pulled over’… we have to put a little fear in them, letting them know that wherever they are to arm themselves with a phone and let people know where you are”, Said Hayles. 

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About Tanya Hayles 

Tanya Hayles is an award-winning event planner and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Black Moms Connection; a village that supports the growth and encouragement of black moms. Members of this organization learn ways to better themselves as mothers. They are immersed in resources, workshops, event spaces and scholarships. 


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