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Tanya Hayles for The Star: Don’t choose us because we are black, choose us because we are good

Tanya Hayles for The Star: Don’t choose us because we are black, choose us because we are good

Toronto, ON. June 8, 2020 – Tanya Hayles was invited by The Star, to contribute a byline towards their business opinion section. Hayles decided to write about the lack of diversity within the entrepreneurial space. She discussed that when considering a small business, black businesses are hardly thought of or sought after. She challenges the readers to envision a business person, and then a black business owner. She mentions that both images are very different. In her article, Hayles challenges people to debunk the narrative of black business owners and see them as qualified contributors within the entrepreneurial space. 

Hayles writes about the current ‘revolution’ we are facing today. Since the uprising of racial inequality, consumers are seeking out more black business owners. This should be seen as a good sign, a step in the right direction. According to Hayles, while doing a study she concluded that entrepreneurship is harder for black businesses than other races. Black business owners face racial discrimination when it comes to resources and gaining capital. She mentions a term known as “code-switching” which means changing your tone-of-voice or dialect to sound different. This is done a lot within the black community in order to be taken seriously. Businesswomen like Odeen Eccleston Co-Founder of  Wiltshire Homes has had her experiences with this. She mentions in the article that people would speak to her over the phone, then upon seeing her would be surprised to see a black woman in front of them.

Hayles breaks down the everyday nuances that black people in business face. However, it seems that there have been some changes taking place within this industry. The fact that more people are seeking out black business owners is a wonderful thing. However, are they seeking us because we are good or because it’s a current trend? In this article Hayles challenges people to not only seek out black business owners because of the current social happenings in the world today but because we know what we are doing and good at it.



About Tanya Hayles 

Tanya Hayles is an award-winning event planner and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Black Moms Connection; a village that supports the growth and encouragement of black moms. Members of this organization learn ways to better themselves as mothers. They are immersed in resources, workshops, event spaces and scholarships. 


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