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Sporty Tomgirl to Top Toronto MUA: Tricia Walters Discovers Her Beauty Through Makeup

Sporty Tomgirl to Top Toronto MUA: Tricia Walters Discovers Her Beauty Through Makeup

In a time where beauty is such a superficial concept, Tricia Walters changes the way one looks at beauty. A self-taught makeup artist who never liked compliments as a young girl took the journey of becoming who she is today; a woman comfortable being herself through her love for makeup and sharing her talent and wisdom with the world.

When she was just 10 years old, Walters discovered bald patches on her scalp which was due to Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), a form of scarring hair loss on the scalp that results in permanent hair loss. It is a common condition with black women but she wasn’t aware of it for the majority of her youth.

After being diagnosed, hiding her alopecia was getting harder and visiting hair salons was a traumatizing experience so she bit the bullet and finally decided to shave it all off which made her feel liberated.

Moving forward, she embraced her insecurities and started feeling confident in her beauty, accepting compliments and her creative talent with the brushes.

Tricia Walters, 2020, ON

“Beauty is what you have on the inside, it’s an inside job,” Walters remarks in an interview with FBI STYLE Magazine.

Walters never thought working as a professional MUA could be her niche but when friends and clients encouraged her it made a huge impact on her work as an MUA. Her goal is to make the client happy.“I want to create a moment for them to shine their inner beauty through the makeup look,” she added. 

She would discuss the client’s makeup look and preferences. A lot of her work also depends on the energy of the person and how to make them stand-out by highlighting their features in the right way to give them the perfect moment.

Now she is a successful MUA in Toronto and she is the voice for women and girls who feel insecure about their beauty. Walters wants them to know “It’s okay to have imperfections but acknowledge the positives even though it feels hard, embrace your beauty and love yourself.”



About Tricia Walters

Tricia Walters is a new face to the Toronto makeup industry. A self-taught Makeup artist who can find a way to touch clients a little deeper than just with her tools of the trade. She is driven by passion and this makes her style hard to categorize. Tricia feels everyone’s light needs to shine from the inside out, and how she applies makeup is based heavily on feeling. “I try to feel the words the client describes so I can pull from that.” This mother of 3 balances motherhood a full-time job and still makes sure she has time for makeup clients. Her work has been showcased in weddings, fashion shows, magazine covers, and various client photoshoots. She leaves you feeling fine and fierce every time.


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