TORONTO, ON (Oct. 1, 2014)—Michelle Ambrose is a community oriented, event planner, project manager, basketball coach and single mother, with an urge to express her zest for food, travel, mingling and making connections. Given all she’s learned in the event planning industry about hospitality and quality dining and by staying in the loop on upcoming events, Ambrose has created an online spot for what’s hot and what’s not. is my response to everyday questions and concerns from friends, family, followers and consumers about the best styles, beauty products, restaurants, hotels and venues or what cool new event is happening this month, in Toronto or parts of the US and Caribbean,” says Ambrose. “I felt it was time to create a hub where everyone can access this kind of information but also engage in a community of other ‘lifestylers’ like them.”

Despite there being a wide range of lifestyle blogs across the web, Ambrose says she will use her ability to spark a conversation and drive community engagement around the subject of relationships, as her differentiator.

“I recently started posting questions on Facebook about dating, relationships, raising children, etc. and some of those questions received anywhere from 30 to 50 comments in less than a couple hours,” she adds. Ambrose is also well known for her Single2Mingle matchmaking group and social events which saw over 100 participants while it was running. “Apparently, there’s something else that people have everyday questions and concerns about and that is love.”

Aside from talking about love, Ambrose will be showing love to her subscribers.

“Giving back is a huge part of what makes me who I am and it’s also a value I try to instil in my son, so I felt it was important to show love to my subscribers with gifts and prizes as a token of my appreciation for their support and to show my son yet another way in which you can give to others,” Ambrose comments. “I’ll be offering a new give away every month to one lucky subscriber and I currently have a selfie contest going on for a $200 gift card from Holt Renfrew.” is also being mindful of entrepreneurial subscribers by offering deals and discounts from her colleagues, vendors and contacts through her Friends with Benefits network.

“A lot of my followers are business owners and entrepreneurs who would get more benefit from gifts that helped their business or projects, so I negotiated deals with my most trusted contacts for all my entrepreneurial subscribers; I got a little something for everybody!” Ambrose exclaims.

To get your dose of what’s hot and what’s not visit and become a subscriber to stay in the loop.

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