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Shopify Leading the Work-From-Home Revolution

Shopify Leading the Work-From-Home Revolution

It’s no secret that big tech companies and corporations are primarily focused on the impacts of the economy during this global pandemic, especially with their big investments into state-of-the-art headquarters, offices, and training bases that can’t be used at full capacity due to COVID-19. Now, these industry leaders are being forced to revolutionize with their employees working from home.

As of right now, the future seems bleak for the rest of 2021. The world has been shut down for a whole year due to the pandemic, but these business insiders have a unique hybrid plan in mind that is meant to benefit everyone. When they will actually be able to go forward with it is a different story, but here’s what’s happening currently. 

Anyone who now mainly works from home in the tech, digital and social industries understands how a lot of businesses are still able to successfully function without facing huge repercussions. In fact, a lot of benefits have come to light with these new work situations, such as improving the environment with the decrease of commuting, saving money due to space downsizing and there’s an increased amount of time saved by working from home. These factors have especially revolutionized this new ability for the majority of employees to now work from home forever. 

Forever sounds very permanent, but with the unforeseeable future of COVID-19, it’s the best choice for many of these businesses. It will save huge amounts of money, rethink space usage and have completely changed the workplace dynamic and in-person office necessity.  

When the time comes, the plan is intended to incorporate a mix of working from home and in-person throughout the week. It will be interesting to see how the impacts of the pandemic allow this plan to unfold and whether this hybrid transition will be viable to other work industries. 

Shopify is the key team player in the midst of all of this. They are a “Canadian-based global company that offers an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems,” (Kelly 2020). Thanks to their business, various companies can now use their hub network and join the work-from-home revolution to benefit their employees. To put this company in perspective, “Shopify has over one million businesses in about 175 countries with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $41.1 billion,” (Kelly 2020). 

It’s hard to say how compliant massive industry leaders like Google, Facebook or Apple will feel about joining Shopify instead of doing their own stand-alone version through their platforms, but with Twitter joining with Shopify, it seems this trend is promising.

From a corporate business standpoint, adopting this work-from-home revolution will definitely show promise and success for the foreseeable future of this pandemic. We are definitely curious as to how or if Shopify will adapt their business to help others build on the work-from-home trend.

Ultimately this revolution will play a big part in the future plans of many successful leading businesses in this digital industry, and whether this hybrid work plan actually happens is something to watch for.


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