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Sandra Gabriel Published in National Post: The Prairie Opportuntity

Sandra Gabriel Published in National Post: The Prairie Opportuntity

Learn what great opportunities the prairie provinces have for career growth and a great work/life balance.

Question: What reasons are there to move to the Prairie Provinces?
Answer: Misconceptions abound about life in the Prairie Provinces. Contrary to popular opinion Manitoba and Saskatchewan offer much more than just employment.

Discover Canada’s next booming cities

Young professionals, budding families, newcomers or seniors considering a move in Canada, for personal or professional growth, look to Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, but more opportunities for development reside in the booming cities of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. “The job market is definitely growing,” says Jay Hayford, a Canadian immigrant from Ghana who originally migrated to Toronto before moving to Saskatoon almost two years ago. After finding only factory and warehouse jobs and wanting to continue working as a pharmacy assistant, Hayford decided to research another market. “I started searching online and I found out that the economy in Saskatchewan is good which means there will be job opportunities.” The Booming Job Market “What’s nice about Manitoba is there is never a huge boom and there is never a huge bust,” says Wade Miller, CEO of Pinnacle, a stang and recruiting agency for Winnipeg and Manitoba. Keep reading


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