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Sandra Gabriel To Deliver PR 101 Webinar For Small Businesses

Sandra Gabriel To Deliver PR 101 Webinar For Small Businesses

According to a 2010 BizLaunch survey of 200 small businesses, 43% ranked Public Relations as the most important marketing tool, but for those small businesses who choose to manage their PR in-house, Sandra Gabriel, PR Consultant at Gabriel PR wants to give the necessary guidelines to ensure their success and protect the reputation of the PR profession.

“Some startup and small businesses are practicing PR like we’re still in the 90’s,” says Gabriel. So much has changed in terms of the connections and mediums available to communicate so my goal will be to educate small business owners about the new and effective ways of practicing PR to achieve better results.”


Gabriel will be delivering her PR 101 webinar sponsored by Small Business Solver, an online business advisor system of modules, webinars, consulting to guide small business owners through everything from marketing and finance to startup funding and business plans. The PR 101 Webinar will cover:

  • What is Public Relations? A brief overview of the PR profession and some best practices.
  • PR Tools & Resources. A look at some must-have tools and resources in your PR toolbox
  • Public Relations & Social Media. How you can use new media to get your audience’s attention.
  • Your Public Relations Plan. Beginning to outline a plan for your business, product or service. Participants will take active participation by starting to draft an outline of their PR plan for 3 months.

“I’ve read many case studies about small businesses that send mass emails to a bunch of reporters and journalists without first making a connection or trying to build a relationship with them and without researching what topic(s) the journalist covers,” comments Gabriel. “This leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the journalist and has an unfavourable impact on PR professionals who practice media relations properly.”

Gabriel will also cover the best ways to connect with journalists and reporters using social media and best practices for writing a press release.

Small business owners can register for the webinar on this page: http://bit.ly/16L4sGF


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