If you’re thinking of using Public Relations to launch your brand or a new product or service, the below launch checklist might help.

In her Fast Company article, Wendy Marx, founder of Marx Communications talks about the disaster that was Microsofts product launch for Windows 7 that featured a video with a group of politically correct people talking about having a launch party for Windows 7. Marx says the key factor behind any successful launch has nothing to do with using the latest cool technology or gimmick and everything to do with properly positioning your product or service.

Marx advice: Next time you are launching a new product or service, here’s a checklist to ask yourself:

  • What do I most want my customers or clients to remember about my new product or service?
  • What will get them most excited and most likely to want to know more?
  • How can I describe it so that the description makes it easily understood and put into the right context?

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