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Parenting While Black: Tanya Hayles for CBC

Parenting While Black: Tanya Hayles for CBC

Toronto, ON, June 4, 2020-Tanya Hayles founder of Black Moms Connection and proud black mom; wrote an article in partnership with ByBlacks.com. This article was later featured on CBC. Hayles wrote about what it is like parenting while black and having to have a conversation with your children about race.

In the article, she makes mention of her young 7-year-old son who loves basketball and every type of baked good. Her question to parents is how and when do you have the conversation about race with your child, and what to do with the questions your children ask about race and about what is going on.

“The biggest advice here is to avoid the trap of thinking you have to have the answer”, says Hayles. “Let them know: ‘I don’t know, but let’s learn together’, it’s a great way to humanize yourself and give yourself some space to learn from other sources”.

In her article, Hayles believes in the importance of needing to have the talk about race with your children. However, she emphasizes how difficult this talk may be for parents of black children. She writes that these same children will grow up living in and working with different kinds of people, from different races and backgrounds. 

“It’s not easy. It’s a discomfort similar to when your kid starts asking about sex – and that’s not a conversation that can be ignored because it’s uncomfortable. Neither is this one”, said Hayles.

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About Tanya Hayles 

Tanya Hayles is an award-winning event planner and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Black Moms Connection; a village that supports the growth and encouragement of black moms. Members of this organization learn ways to better themselves as mothers. They are immersed in resources, workshops, event spaces and scholarships. 


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