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Music is Your Business: New Masterclass Bridges Gap Between Business & Art

Music is Your Business: New Masterclass Bridges Gap Between Business & Art


Young entrepreneurs use the global stage of social media to share one-of-a-kind workshop event with the world.

TORONTO, ON (May 6, 2014)—The words music and business are not often associated together when creatives decide to pursue their passion. Trademarking, incorporating, taxes, marketing, branding can all be overwhelming to an artist who wants simply to create. Oftentimes, passion and talent are not enough to survive the difficulties of the music business and become artistically and financially successful. Today, artists have come to realize and really find their stride in how social media can be a vital component in their business as they are able to use this as a virtual stage to brand and market themselves while gaining access to banks of knowledge worldwide.

Young entrepreneur and musician, Joe Harry, founder of 4th Metric Music, knows all too well that the path to having a successful career as an artist will have many detours if not equipped with the right tools. He explains, “It can be frustrating at first when you just want to make music, but everything correlates. How an artist wants to be seen, understood and heard is just as important as what they want people to hear.”

With this insight, 4th Metric will be hosting a one-of-a-kind Masterclass along with world-renowned bass instructor, Anthony Wellington, to give frank advice to emerging artists of all ages. Hosted on June 7, 2014 in Toronto (Drake Hotel), the event will also be streamed live so that music lovers around the world will have the opportunity to watch and learn from these musical entrepreneurs.

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About 4th Metric Music

4th Metric, offers the industry and listeners a musical sound and unmistakable vibe from the heart of its founder, Joe Harry, a skilled bass player and vocalist who recently caught the attention of three-time Grammy award winner, Wyclef Jean after posting a cover of Jean’s Sweetest Girl on YouTube.

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