Meet The Founder

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Sandra Gabriel is the President & CEO of Gabriel PR. Sandra has been studying and practicing Public Relations & Communications for almost 12 years and has gained specialization in branding, social media marketing and publicity.

Sandra has worked across a wide range of industries including non-profit, financial services, advertising, film & television, tradeshow, fashion & beauty, health and wellness and more.

Sandra holds a BA, Applied Communication from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and a Public Relations Certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto, ON

[header position=”left”]Her Mission[/header]

To build the next generation of BIG brands and create Branding programs for clients, that will raise their business profile and deliver results by way of:

  • Greater brand and customer loyalty;
  • Increase in customers and customer retention;
  • Increased credibility;
  • Increased visibility;
  • Increased exposure to the media and greater media attention;
  • Improved business relationships;
  • Community building; and
  • Greater reach and industry connections.

[header position=”left”]Why Gabriel PR?[/header]

  • You want to establish your brand and position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.
  • You want a long-term strategy that will stick and you want to build a credible business reputation.
  • You want to work with an experienced professional who is diligent, focused, resourceful and connected.

Let’s get started on building your awesome brand today!

Find Sandra on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her blog at

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