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Marketing in a COVID World

Marketing in a COVID World

The spread of COVID-19 has changed everything. Not only has it changed the way we live but also marketing methods and the way we do business has fundamentally transformed. However, what remains the same is business goals such as generating brand awareness and increasing leads. What changed are the marketing strategies that many businesses had to adapt to and brands had to rethink their approach, but the most significant change was a shift to digital marketing as traditional marketing has become much more difficult to maintain and execute.

Major Marketing Shifts:

1.SEO (search engine optimization) and paid search

One of the most effective ways to approach the future of marketing is through SEO and paid search. Consumers are no longer able to make frequent, in-store purchases or browse stores for products, so most consumers have turned to researching products online. SEO has always played a crucial role as it leads to free web traffic. However, as a result of the pandemic, consumer behaviour and habits have changed which is why it has become more significant.

2. Digital Advertising

Consumer behaviour and habits have led ad spend to be adjusted as lockdown restrictions have limited people from going out. Many turned to in-home media such as streaming services, gaming and social platforms. This shifted focus to product features, specifications and price. Marketers need to keep up with this shift and focus more on advertising the right message on the right channel so they can reach their target audience.

3. Digital-first Approach

It is crucial for businesses to have a digital-first approach to all their marketing strategies such as branding and user experience. Consumers now spend most of their time online purchasing products, browsing the web and streaming TV shows which is why businesses must have a strong online presence.

4. Social Media

Organic and paid social media marketing has seen a huge boost. This is because during the pandemic many people began to rely heavily on social media as a way to socialize with others. As a result, many became familiar with the various social media platforms. This led marketers to focus more on building and maintaining strong customer relationships and looking for ways to be more effective and efficient when it comes to communicating with their target audience.

5. Digital Events

As many of us are familiar with now, Zoom parties and webinars are the new way to meet and socialize with colleagues and consumers. Platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom have given businesses the opportunity to continue to offer value to consumers. This tactic is also a way to invest in relationships and building value.

6. Video Marketing

Digital video will continue to grow and become successful now more than ever. Video-sharing platforms such as YouTube have seen an increase in usage and the video marketing space will continue to provide opportunities for businesses to create informative videos as a way to connect with their audience.



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