TORONTO, CANADA – March 27, 2016 – Jemila Jackson, host and executive director of the docudrama, “I’m Still Standing,” has been featured in the prestigious online ByBlacks magazine where she discussed the series, the stories and the women behind them.

Jackson’s YouTube series has taken the Internet by storm. The six-part series developed a devoted weekly following and has become a popular destination for binge watching. “I’m Still Standing” features Canadian and U.S. women who have endured unthinkable life experiences, yet managed to overcome to be sources of power, influence and inspiration.

The idea for the series came about through Jackson’s own experiences and those of the women she works with as a counselor. She attributes divine intervention for the manner in which the individuals were chosen for the series that included chance meetings and connections on social media.

The stories featured in the series are not for the faint of heart. The women’s experiences are unique and touch upon topics that are often kept shuttered behind closed doors and within the hearts of the women who experience them. From mental health issues and poverty to violence, the stories are inspiring accounts of how the subjects survived through faith and courage.

Women in the series include designers, counselors and bloggers, along with social workers, life coaches and fashion designers. They’ve all overcome humble and dangerous situations to become entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners who are giving back in numerous and varied ways to help others. Sharing their deeply personal stories was difficult, but also helped in the healing process and assisted them in moving them forward from survivor mode.

Jackson hopes “I’m Still Standing” will aid others on their journey of healing, help them understand the cyclical nature of the process, and inspire them to greatness. A second season of “I’m Still Standing” is already in the works and more information can be found online at

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About Jemila Jackson

Jem Jackson is a Social Worker, Counselor and serial social entrepreneur. She is also the owner of Freedom Counselling and Psychotherapy Services where she practices counselling in private practice and in the community. She is the creator of the “I’m Still Standing” documentary series. Jem is passionate about inspiring, hope, change and transformation in the lives of everyday people. She is excited to see that vision come to life once more through “I’m Still Standing.”

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