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How to Talk to your children about the death of George Floyd

How to Talk to your children about the death of George Floyd

  • Anti-Racism Conversations with your children

Toronto, ON – On June 2, 2020, Global News released an article in response to the death and murder of George Floyd. He was an unarmed African American man who lost his life in the hands of police in Minneapolis, Minn. The encounter was recorded and shared with the masses via social media. Since then, the community has been in an uproar, protesting, looting and fighting for justice for Floyd and others who have lost their lives due to police brutality.

The article discusses how to speak to your children about the death of George Floyd and inviting discussion with your children about anti-Black racism. Tanya Hayles, founder of Black Moms Connection gave three especially important tips directed to parents on how to invite these conversations in their homes in a positive and informative way.

“It’s becoming harder to ignore it,” says Hayles.“It’s really important to name what this is – which is specifically anti-black racism – and then figure out how to have these conversations.

The tips mentioned in the article are:

  •         Educate yourself
  •         Diverse Content
  •         Age – Appropriate, open and on-going discussion

“If they see and hear you having a conversation and they want to know what you’re talking about, include them in the conversation,” says, Hayles.

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About Black Moms Connection 

Founded in 2015 by Tanya Hayles, Black Moms Connection is a safe haven for black mothers. Members are able to connect with others who share the same experiences and become involved in an encouraging environment. 

BMC originally launched on Facebook as a small group and grew to almost 14,000 members globally. They continue to strive towards a supportive environment that empowers mothers to increase their social, emotional, financial and well beings. Black Moms Connection also provides community spaces, scholarships and emergency funds for mothers in need hosting conferences, workshops and live events. 

Black Moms Connection is a family, where members are treated as sisters. This provides an open space for women to connect emotionally and support one another. 




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