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Hiring an agency for your online marketing? Here’s what you need to know

Hiring an agency for your online marketing? Here’s what you need to know

Nowadays traditional marketing tactics and techniques may not be the most ideal way to attract consumers and grow your business. Digital marketing has the ability to reach a larger audience in a more cost-effective and measurable way. Especially living in a COVID world, online marketing has helped company’s stay afloat and continue to grow. No matter what line of business you have, digital marketing is essential!

As a business owner or entrepreneur you’ve probably asked yourself “should I hire an agency for my online marketing?”. Well, Sandra Gabriel, founder and CEO of Gabriel PR, tells you everything you need to know about hiring an agency.

1.Aligning Values
When hiring an agency you need to ensure that your values align so you can achieve a similar end goal. One of the main reasons why clients love working with Gabriel PR is because we share the same core values. For example, as a company, we value mental health and so when we work with a client in mental health, it allows us to get on the same page and understand the client’s vision. Finding an agency that feeds into your values is key!

2. Foundational Experience
Even if an agency isn’t familiar with your line of business, foundational experience allows them to think outside of the box and bring fresh ideas to the table. You have to ask yourself “how does what I’m looking for align with what the agency has to offer and can this work together?”. It’s important to note that when looking for an agency it’s not necessarily about the experience it’s more about the agency being able to help you achieve your goals. Foundational experience has a lot to do with being a great communicator and someone who has great ideas and both traits plays a significant role in helping you find a solution.

3. Testimonials and Case Studies
It helps to add to the agency’s reputation and favour when a client shares their experience working with the agency. What is also important is not only to read the negative comments but how the agency responded to them. It’s rare that you will find many 5-star agencies, so don’t discount a few bad reviews, instead look into how the agency handled the bad review. Did they respond, did they offer something to the unsatisfied client to make up for the issue? These are the kinds of things that are very telling about an agency or any business that you might consider working with.

If all else fails, you can always rely on pure instinct. Nine times out of 10, your ‘gut’ will never steer you wrong. Take the time to stop and think about how your interaction with the agency made you feel. What kind of vibe did you get? Do you feel like the conversation was great? Did you walk away feeling like the agency understands your needs and like you could trust them with your project? Ask yourself, “what kind of vibe did I get from this agency” and if it feels good then you’re probably ready to do business with them, but if not, then don’t be afraid to take the time to keep shopping until it’s “love at first sight”.


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