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Having The Race Conversation With Your Children

Having The Race Conversation With Your Children

Toronto, ON, June 3, 2020- The Morning Show held a discussion on how to speak to your children about the injustices that Black people face, white privilege and police brutality in the US. The purpose of this discussion was to educate parents on ways to invite these conversations in the home.

The discussion took place via skype and was shared on The Morning Show’s Twitter account. Tanya Hayles of Black Moms Connection was chosen to give her insight on how to invite these conversations in the home.

“it’s difficult but I think we do have to have these conversations in all households right; racism is not just a black problem its an everyone problem”, says Hayles. “Our kids are going to go to school with people of all cultures and backgrounds and religions, they’re going to grow up and have black colleagues. And so if they have an understanding of how the systems work from earlier on they’re more likely to try and help dismantle them to become allies and changing the conversation on race.”

The discussion included preserving the innocence of young children, and discussed social media protests like ‘Blackout Tuesday’. Jaeda Laurez a Toronto blogger and writer was also involved in the conversation and shed light on involving children in the conversation.

“you have to approach it from the level of comprehension you feel your child can handle,” Says Laurez.

Click here to watch and learn more.


About  Black Moms Connection

Founded in 2015 by Tanya Hayles, Black Moms Connection is a safe haven for black mothers. Members are able to connect with others who share the same experiences and become involved in an encouraging environment. 

BMC originally launched on Facebook as a small group and grew to almost 14,000 members globally. They continue to strive towards a supportive environment that empowers mothers to increase their social, emotional, financial and well beings. Black Moms Connection also provides community spaces, scholarships and emergency funds for mothers in need hosting conferences, workshops and live events. 

Black Moms Connection is a family, where members are treated as sisters. This provides an open space for women to connect emotionally and support one another


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