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Getting Schooled On Homeschooling

Getting Schooled On Homeschooling

All parents are now faced with having to homeschool their children since schools closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it’s a joy and for others, it’s their worst nightmare but Christian mom blogger (AnointedMom.com) and homeschooler, Chantal Amsterdam says it doesn’t have to be.

Amsterdam, who has been homeschooling her two oldest boys (14 and 10) since September 2019 says: “parents should not feel like they now have to take on the role of being the “teacher”,” says Amsterdam. “It doesn’t take your whole day and there are a lot of helpful resources to keep your child’s learning on track,” she adds.

In a LIVE Facebook broadcast last weekend, Amsterdam shared 8 homeschooling tips to help parents give their children the best education in the most efficient way possible.

See the full broadcast below.


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