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Gabriel PR Reports Video Marketing as Key Element in Digital Marketing

Gabriel PR Reports Video Marketing as Key Element in Digital Marketing

Research Supports the Use of Relevant Video Content Across Social Media Platforms

(TORONTO: January 25, 2021) – Gabriel PR, a Toronto-based digital communications and branding agency, is ensuring clients have the strategy and tactics to create and expand their brands with video marketing. Following extensive research and proven results, the agency is encouraging video marketing via social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

“We’re already seeing the impact of video marketing based on the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google,” said Sandra Gabriel, founder of Gabriel PR. “Some people make the mistake of believing that video has to be this well-thought-out and fancy production, when all video really needs to be is consistent and it has to add value.”

According to research, videos attached to websites drive more traffic and nurture leads with people spending more than double the amount of time on a page with video than without. When searching for products, half of internet users look for videos related to the product. Impact reported that 95 per cent of YouTube users watch videos to learn more about products and services, while 72 per cent of Instagram users buy a product after seeing a video advertisement.

“We’re living in an age where people are more inclined to watching something as opposed to reading something, so the more visual your content is, the more chance there is that it will actually be consumed and actioned,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel PR is a boutique Digital Communications & Branding agency. Since 2005, Gabriel PR has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to start, launch, promote and grow their brands online.

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