TORONTO, ON (Dec. 12, 2012)—Gabriel PR, a boutique PR agency serving clients in Canada and the US, made two milestone announcements today; in line with the 12/12/12 date at 12pm.

“We hired a spokesperson,” announced Sandra Gabriel, PR Consultant at Gabriel PR. “And it just happens to be me,” Gabriel added. The decision came to Gabriel after the realization that people put their trust in people and more often prefer working with an individual, as opposed to working with the company.

With Gabriel sworn in as the new face of the company, clients, prospects, friends, and followers can expect to see more of her as part of Gabriel’s new marketing strategy to create direct connections and build relationships.

In their second announcement, Gabriel revealed that they are expanding and opening a home office in Montreal, Quebec.

“It’s both an expansion and a contraction,” says Gabriel. “I’m originally from Montreal, so it will be like taking a step back to move two steps forward,” she adds.

Gabriel says the big deal about these announcements are that they are movements she didn’t think she would ever make.

“I’m more of a behind-the-scenes type of consultant and so I didn’t envision that I would be putting myself out there in this manner,” Gabriel comments. The new marketing strategy will have Gabriel producing more videos, more blogs, more images and just a generally higher volume of content than they’ve ever done before.

The other shocker about announcement #2 is Montreal was never on her list of cities to expand to.

“I always thought my next move would be to the states, specifically, Atlanta, New York and Chicago,” says Gabriel; “But I think this stop in Montreal will be essential to both my personal growth and the growth of the company.

The video of the announcement is available here:

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