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Gabriel PR Launches Mentoring and Training Program for Students & Grads

Gabriel PR Launches Mentoring and Training Program for Students & Grads

Toronto, Canada – Mar. 6, 2019 – The job market can be frustrating for newly graduated students seeking employment. Sandra Gabriel, owner of Gabriel PR, announced the launch of a new training and mentoring program designed to provide current students and recent graduates with real-world experience and opportunities that will improve their chances for employment in the job market.

“I remember my own struggle with finding a job when I came out of college,” said Gabriel. “Knowing what I know now, it would have been great to have a mentor that could point me in the direction of opportunities in my field or have a real-world training program that would prepare me for the job market.”

During an info session, Gabriel shared the vision for the program which she likened to a similar program out of the hit TV show How To Get Away With Murder, where a law professor and high-end criminal defence attorney recruited a group of her students to work on her cases. 

Gabriel is kicking off the program by recruiting students and grads in Public Relations & Communications. This first cohort will be the pilot group to determine if the program works. 

Their goal within the first year of operating the program will be to build a core team of individuals that will be the foundation of a student-run agency. She’s currently seeking individuals for positions that include administrative and management assistant, marketing assistant, human resources assistant, and finance assistant for the training and mentoring program.

The program is designed for students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and those that have recently graduated from those educational institutions. Mentored by seasoned professionals, individuals will work on real-world projects and receive hands-on mentoring. Participants obtain the experience they need to build a portfolio for future job opportunities.

Students can participate full-time, part-time, by project or on a freelance basis and the mentorship program will operate year-round. There will be 11 departments that include digital marketing, sales, graphic design, public relations, writing and editing, business management, business administration, finance, human resources, and communications through videography and photography.

There will be 12 areas of focus encompassing topics in which participants will learn about brand development and management, videography and video editing, event planning, and business setup. Individuals will learn the essential skills needed in today’s employment market to successfully compete in a wide variety of career paths.

The training and mentoring program being offered by Gabriel PR is a unique opportunity for individuals to learn from professionals in multiple fields and disciplines. The program mitigates many of the stumbling blocks new job seekers encounter and enables them to present a portfolio of real-life experience to potential employers.


About Gabriel PR

Gabriel Press & Relationships (Gabriel PR) is a public relations and communications agency based in Toronto, ON. Founded in 2007, Gabriel PR works with clients to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between businesses and their stakeholders using traditional and new media communication tools and tactics.

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Sandra Gabriel
Phone: 1.800.790.4959
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Website: https://gabrielpr.ca


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