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Gabriel PR Expands Student Mentoring Program and Builds University Relationships

Gabriel PR Expands Student Mentoring Program and Builds University Relationships

This 3-month program is designed to bridge the gap of experience between graduation and landing the dream job.

TORONTO: September 25, 2020 – Toronto’s digital PR and branding agency, Gabriel PR, has kicked-off the second season of their training and mentorship program for current students or recent graduates in a variety of creative fields. The program gives students the opportunity to not only fulfill program requirements, but also obtain hands-on experience with real projects, supervised by seasoned professionals. Students will be able to enter the job market with a broad portfolio outlining the completed work at Gabriel PR.

“For students that want to go into agency work, I would say it’s a great choice,” said Sandra Gabriel, founder of Gabriel PR. “Keep yourself open because there are industries that you think you might not want to go into, but you might end up enjoying it.”

The program was initiated at the beginning of 2020 when Gabriel PR started building relationships with schools. It currently has relationships with Ryerson University, Seneca College and York University, as well as ambitions to work with the University of Toronto and Humber College in the near future. Though the program began with one-on-one mentoring, Gabriel has transitioned to taking on a larger number of students at one time – 13 in last summer’s cohort and 11 joining her for the current fall semester.

“I love to teach; it’s one of my gifts, said Gabriel. “I have projects coming to me all the time, so if I were to get 100 students, sure, we will find a place for you! Employers hiring these students will be impressed by how much they’ve done and what they know.” 

Gabriel PR is a boutique Digital PR & Branding agency. Since 2005, Gabriel PR has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to start, launch, promote and grow their brands online. 


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