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Gabriel PR Announces Brand Camp Workshop Series for Entrepreneurs

Gabriel PR Announces Brand Camp Workshop Series for Entrepreneurs

Sandra Gabriel, the founder of Toronto PR firm, Gabriel PR, announced the launch of her Brand Camp for entrepreneurs today; a 6-part workshop designed to teach entrepreneurs some of the top tools that help her manage her own business on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis.

The Brand Camp will take place on Fridays from August 7-21 and September 4-18, 2020 and in an effort to appeal to the financial sensitivities of those who may be interested, Gabriel is allowing participants to ‘Pay What You Can.’

“I know that a lot of us are still dealing with the setbacks from COVID-19 and so I want to make it easy access for those who need the help but don’t have the budget,” Gabriel comments.

The workshop will cover a range of tools to facilitate everything from Business Management, Communications, Sales, Project Management, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Video Production and Web Design & Development.

“ I know that so many entrepreneurs struggle with, not only finding but using certain tools to manage their business,” Gabriel adds. “I have always had a love for tech and apps and I just naturally learn how to navigate and use them and the greatest gift I can give to entrepreneurs right now is to teach them what I know.”

Entrepreneurs who are interested can learn more at https://gabrielpr.ca/brandcamp  


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