Welcome to our page of most frequently asked questions or FAQ’s! If there is a question you feel should be included, please send us note.

What is Public Relations?

The best way to know what Public Relations IS, is to learn what it is NOT. Read more.

How long does a PR & Social Media program last?

PR & Social Media programs take a minimum of 4 months (after setup) to see good results, but they can go as long as one year or more to maintain consistent communication with media, sponsors, partners and create ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships.

How does the client/agency relationship work?

It’s good to know what you’re getting into when you decide to work with a firm or agency, so that all parties can have clear and realistic expectations and outcomes. Read more.

What's the difference between Public Relations and Media Relations?

Yes there is a difference! Public Relations is a much broader function and Media Relations only makes up a portion of everything that is Public Relations. Read more.