TORONTO, ON (May 13, 2014)—Motivational speaker and journalist, Pauleanna Reid, spoke to young women of  UrbanArts, Young Women’s Leadership Program to give her insights on mental health and to deliver positive messages of overcoming personal obstacles.

Reid, who suffered from depression and anxiety as a teen, shared her personal story of combating mental illness and brought high hopes for the future of these women.

“Looking out into the room full of the next generation of potential entrepreneurs, VPs, doctors, and professors was a great experience”, boasts Reid. “I once was that very girl sitting in that seat and I know that the words I speak to these amazing young women will hopefully have an impact on their lives”.

– 30 –

About Pauleanna Reid

Pauleanna Reid is a nationally published journalist, motivational speaker, celebrity fashion stylist and mentor. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions and media appearances, she positively influences, challenges and reconnects youth with their passions while providing the necessary tools to prioritize and execute.

Media contact: Sandra Gabriel | 1-888-336-3763 x: 47 | [email protected]

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