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Dr. Candice Bridge Featured on Black Enterprise

Dr. Candice Bridge Featured on Black Enterprise

Whenever Dr. Candice Bridge mentions she is a forensics chemist, people inevitably ask, “Like on the show CSI?”

Bridge calls it “the CSI effect.”

“People who watch those crime shows have an idea of what forensics is based on, but it’s inaccurate,” she says.

As a forensics chemist, Bridge focuses on the analysis of evidence collected from crime scenes. The Ph.D., who is a professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF), was awarded a grant of $324,000 for her research, leading to new ways to analyze evidence from sexual assault investigations.

Her areas of expertise are analyzing forensics in cases involving explosives and lubricants. Her goal is creating a publicly accessible database for forensics teams to analyze evidence from sexual crime scenes involving lubricants (and yes, in many cases, that means condoms).

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