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Dr. Candice Bridge Featured in Teen Vogue

Dr. Candice Bridge Featured in Teen Vogue

For so many survivors, making the decision to charge their rapists in court is a tough one. That’s in part because of stigma, victim blaming and a whole bunch of other terrible things that survivors very commonly go through. But it’s also because sexual assault can be very hard to prove. It can be even harder for women who don’t know their attacker, one woman is hoping to change all of that.

Mic reports the National Institute of Justice gave Dr. Candice Bridge, the first black woman to teach chemistry at the University of Central Florida, a $324,000 grant to research an alternative to DNA testing that only the FBI and a couple forensic labs are able to use. If the research goes well, Candice said in a statement that law enforcement could be better able to identify rapists who cover their DNA tracks.

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