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Corporate Entrepreneurs Seek Career Change

Corporate Entrepreneurs Seek Career Change


MONTREAL, QC (October 24, 2016)—Corporate employees are slowly realizing their gifts and talents and starting to become uncomfortable in their full-time positions working with employers. As a result, more and more ‘dormant’ entrepreneurs are finding ways to balance both their jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits, but life strategist and founder of BetterMe Management, Chantal Pereira says it starts with seeking the sound advice of a mentor.

“A mentor will help you define your purpose and create the blue print to plan a successful transition from working for an employer full-time to working for yourself,” says Pereira.

In a one-hour conference session on: Making A Graceful Exit, host Sandra Gabriel invited Pereira as a special guest to advise attendees on the key steps to leaving their job or an unfulfilling career to working and walking into a life they will love.

A replay of the session is available on www.sandragabriel.com

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About Sandra Gabriel
Sandra Gabriel is President & CEO of Gabriel PR, a boutique brand production and management company. Since 2005, Gabriel has worked with entrepreneurs to start, launch, promote and grow their brands. Their portfolio of projects spans many industries including technology, entertainment, advertising, film & television, financial services, events, fashion, fitness and more.

About BetterMe Management & Chantal Pereira

BetterMe Management is dedicated to offering quality human resources , organizational design and strategic planning solutions to its corporate clients seeking new ways to rejuvenate their business and increase their profit. As a life strategy and design coach, Mrs. Pereira is responsible for working with clients to help them discern their purpose, as well as develop their blueprint to ultimately use those gifts in their career, as an entrepreneur or within their community. She has a passion and gift for partnering, mentoring and coaching individuals and groups so their successful and fulfillment can pave the way for others.



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