WASHINGTON, DC (October 26, 2015)—CoachDiversity Institute leaders, Dr. Towanna Freeman and Gloria S. Chan, announced that the organization officially launched on Thursday, October 15, 2015. It’s the world’s first coaching institution whose mission it is to empower diverse communities through coaching. The Institute will prepare individuals, companies and organizations for rapid demographic change.

Advisor of the new organization Dr. D Ivan Young, MCC said: “The CoachDiversity Institute is something that America has been needing for quite a long time. Diversity is critical if we are to evolve in business, if we are to evolve personally. The things that we have to do onboard the skill-sets, the self-awareness, even the ability to perceive things accurately, comes from being partnered with a great coach. This is true for both organizations and individuals. That’s why I support CoachDiversity Institute.”

CoachDiversity-leaders and guestsCoachDiversity delivers customized, in-house training to meet the specific needs of corporate leaders and the workforce. The Institute offers virtual and in-person training and provides participants with the opportunity to apply the concepts they’ve learned. Facilitated mastermind groups and one-on-one professional coaching with certified coaches are also available.

In addition, individuals have the opportunity to be part of the solution to the challenge of worldwide demographic shifts by becoming a certified coach. Training is provided by leading experts within the industry and graduates can build their own business with ongoing support from an extensive network of diversity specialists.

Maria Meier, Senior Capitol Hill Staffer says, “CoachDiversity’s work is going to be critical for our communities of color to develop our own leaders. Each of our communities has its own way of developing leadership based on our culture, our experiences, and roles on society. Coaching is a way for our leaders and our communities to get to the next level.”

Rosie Abriam, president and CEO of the Center for Asian Pacific American Women adds that, “We need people of color, people of diverse backgrounds to provide the leadership, mentorship and coaching within our communities so that we can move forward. We all learn first from a sense of home, and that’s exactly what CDI is doing by training coaches first with an understanding of who they are, where their home is, where their community is.”

Enrollment is currently being conducted for the inaugural class of coach certification to be held January 15-17, 2016 in Washington, DC. The full course includes two intensive weekends, peer and mentor coaching practice, tele-seminars, home study, and coaching business development.

The Institute features some of the most experienced and respected coaches in the world and the leadership have worked with a wealth of Fortune 500 companies, premier organizations and federal government entities. They are the founders of the Black Life Coaches Network and the Asian Pacific Islander Life Coaches Network, with access to hundreds of professional coaches with diverse backgrounds.

CoachDiversity Institute’s official launch featured a number of noted specialists, including CoachDiversity Institute’s advisors: Maria Robles Meier, director of the Senate Diversity Initiative, Rosie Abriam, president and CEO at the Center for Asian Pacific American Women, and Dr. D. Ivan Young, a Master Certified Coach specializing in relationships, team building and conflict management.

The launch of the CoachDiversity Institute provides companies, organizations and governmental units with access to the world’s first coaching firm with a focus on a rapidly changing demographic and a learning environment for those who want to become coaches and empower diverse communities.

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About CoachDiversity Institute
The CoachDiversity Institute is the world’s first coaching and training firm that addresses rapidly changing demographics and the world’s first coach training program for individuals working in diverse communities and communities of color. The Institute empowers diverse communities through coaching.

About Dr. Towanna Freeman
Dr. Freeman is the president of CoachDiversity Institute. She’s an award winning author, management consultant, and professional coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

About Gloria S. Chan
Gloria Chan is the senior vice-president of CoachDiversity Institute, a High I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership Consultant, and professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She offers strategic facilitation, leadership training and assessments, individualized coaching and is a highly sought speaker.

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