Let's take a journey to discover your business!

Your mastermind session will open the discussion on your:

Business Objectives

Products & Services

Market Needs

Financing & Expenses


Organizational Structure


Business Management

By the end of the session, you will be clear on:

* Your business goals and objectives
* Who your customers are and where they are
* Your products or services
* The best tools to run your business
* Your management style and business structure
* Where and how to promote your business
* Opportunities for expansion and more!

We’ll set an action plan with timelines for each step of the process so that you are held accountable to your responsibilities and to assure you are taking swift and reasonable action towards creating a business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

This mastermind is suitable for you if:

* You have a business idea but don’t know where to start
* You want to start a business but don’t know what kind of business you want to get into
* You have an existing business but it’s not working and it’s not making you happy
* You have a full-time job and want to transition into being your own boss
* You want to keep your full-time job and start a side hustle


Your Mastermind Mentor

Sandra Gabriel is the President & CEO of Gabriel PR, a brand production and management company. After almost 12 years as an entrepreneur, she has gone through the trouble of making all the mistakes and learning all the hard lessons so that you don’t have to.

“One of the things that burns me the most is meeting new clients who tell me they just finished spending thousands of dollars with coaches or web developers or publishers who didn’t live up to their promises. But I understand that when you’re just getting started, you don’t know, what you don’t know. So my hope is to be able to lead entrepreneurs to select the right team, tools and resources to work with and direct them to invest in the appropriate places to grow their business.” ~Sandra Gabriel

Want to see Sandra in action?

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The Process

01 Click ‘Buy Now‘ to get started and pay via PayPal or submit your payment ($100 CAD) via Interac/bank transfer to gabr[email protected]

03 Receive Business Discovery Questionnaire to be completed before our mastermind session

05 Consult with Sandra Gabriel via conference call (date, time and call-in information will be confirmed once consult is booked)

07 On your own: Take steps and complete take-aways as discussed in your consult over the next 3-4 weeks

02 Complete the registration verification sent to you via email.

04 Book your mastermind consultation (link provided at the end of the questionnaire)

06 Receive your custom audio training + notes for your action plan.

08 Sandra checks in with you to see the progress you made and discuss further action that you can take.

The entire session is completed within 4-6 weeks and you are left with everything they need to get on the road to creating a business that they'll love.

So in a nutshell you get:

* Access to the Business Discovery Mastermind questionnaire
* One-one-one consult with a business expert
* A custom audio training
* A specific plan of action to get you started
* Access to a knowledge bank of cost-effective tools and resources for your business
* Accountability: check-in to see where you’re at and what else you need to do
* Ongoing consulting over the course of the 4-6 week session
* The start of a business and a brand that you love!

If this sounds like the program for you then let's get started

Click ‘Buy Now‘ to get started and pay via PayPal or submit your payment ($100 CAD) via Interac/bank transfer to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How much 1-on-1 time do I get?

I like to keep myself open to answer questions but in order to maximize the time, you should compile all questions and send to me via email and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours. We can schedule up to 3 one-hour calls (not including your initial consult and accountability check-in) over the 4-6 week period.

I work full-time/have kids/going on vacay, what if I'm unavailable over the 4-6 week period to work on my action plan?

I highly suggest you only sign up when you are available to work over the entire 4-6 weeks with little to no interruption. Extensions on the sessions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

I've done other masterminds, how do I know I'll get anything out of this one?

In essence, the mastermind is run by you. If you get nothing out of it, it’s because you are not doing the work. I go to great lengths in doing my research and writing up the top recommendations and an action plan for you so that all that’s left for you to do is to take action.

What if I have several businesses in mind?

Unless you have a healthy budget, I always suggest working on one business at time. I know you might feel like you need to rush to get all your ideas to market, but 9 times out of 10, you can launch each business in a reasonable time frame and still capture the market that you need, to become a success. The mastermind is meant to cover one business at a time.

What if I have to cancel or I feel like this is not for me?

You can decide to cancel only after we have our initial consult. If you paid in full, only half the amount is refundable. If you’re on a payment plan, your first payment is non-refundable and the remaining balance will NOT be due and you will not receive any of the deliverables including the report of findings and recommendations or the action plan. You must notify me of the decision to cancel within 5 business days of our initial call.