TORONTO, ON (Mar. 25, 2014)—Saturday, March 22 marked the official launch of Pauleanna Reid’s first novel entitled Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother. With almost 200 guests eagerly waiting to get their complimentary copy and to meet the author, many had begun to predict the book to be a hit. And they were right – Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother has already reached’s Best Seller list!

Reid addressed her guests with her story on where the idea for her book came from. “I was bullied as a teen and suffered from depression and anxiety for 6 years before I really developed the confidence and courage to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional writer and entrepreneur,” says Reid.

“Although this is a fiction novel, it gives a glimpse into situations I have endured in the past and that many young women are suffering from each and every day. I hope this sparks conversation amongst women and men; young and old,” Reid continues.

The floor then opened up for questions from audience members, asking everything from tips for aspiring writers to backlash from family and friends. To end off the afternoon, guests were able to get their fresh copy of the novel signed by Pauleanna Reid herself.

Everything  I Couldn’t Tell My Mother is available for purchase from the Bookstore or at:, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, iBookstore

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About the Novel
Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother is a coming-of-age story for any woman who has ever questioned her sexual maturity and readiness, stayed silent at a time when she should have spoken up or accepted treatment that was less than what she deserved. This is also the first book written by Reid.

About Pauleanna Reid

Pauleanna Reid is a nationally published journalist, motivational speaker, celebrity fashion stylist and mentor. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions and media appearances, she positively influences, challenges and reconnects youth with their passions while providing the necessary tools to prioritize and execute.

Media contact: Sandra Gabriel | 1-888-336-3763 x: 47 | [email protected]

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