Audit & Optimization


Conversion Optimization is the process of evaluating why users are not converting on a website or landing page and then testing that hypothesis with creative solutions, like A/B testing. This product includes the Conversion Audit, an analysis of your clients current website or landing page, along with the detailed testing of a specific page. We take the current page and create a duplicate, and then test the recommended changes from the Conversion Audit, to that duplicate page. These A/B tests split the website traffic between the current design and the new design. The result is recommended changes to the design elements that are tested with statistical confidence.For example: Making the following changes to the text, colors and page layout will have a 30% lift in conversions at a 90% statistical confidence. This means if it costs $100 for each sale or lead then there is a 90% chance that with these changes the cost per acquisition will drop to $70 dollars per sale or lead. Every site is different but the average lift can range from 20% to 40% or more. Testing over time can increase the whole conversion funnel, doubling leads and sales.

The best way to sell Conversion Optimization is by having your client understand their current cost per acquisition and then the savings they will experience from a 25% improvement in the conversion rate. Although there is no way to guarantee a conversion rate, this is a typical example. For example: If the conversion rate is increased by 25% and your client has four $500 sales a month, then their revenue will increase by $500. The cost of Conversion Optimization is $750 and will pay for itself in 1.5 months. Starting with a Conversion Audit will help identify issues with the site or page and show that testing is the next obvious step.


  • Lift conversion rates of websites and landing pages
  • Improve CPA for paid advertising campaigns
  • Understand why a site or page is not converting and fix it
  • Statistically proven results for each suggested element change justifies the cost of testing and making the changes.


A test will run until it reaches statistical confidence. In some cases it is never reached and the test is stopped early. A test should run for at least 7 days. Most tests run for 4-6 weeks before they conclude. There are often a series of tests over time. Although one test can be done, it is more common to run tests for 3 to 6 months. Many companies never stop testing each section of the conversion funnel (home page, category page, product, page, checkout process, landing pages, emails).

There are a number of factors that determine what will cause a test to conclude. In general you will need at least 500 unique visitors to a particular page per month to test, the more the better. The maximum number of users under test is 10k per month for this plan. If the page has more than 10k users there maybe additional fees or we throttle the traffic for the test.