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Advertising Intelligence: Ad Reporting All In One Place

Advertising Intelligence: Ad Reporting All In One Place

Are you spending a bunch of time checking on your ad campaigns individually?

Manual reporting is time-consuming, not scalable and eats into your margins.

Advertising Intelligence is our solution to help you consolidate reporting from advertising platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram to name a few.

Advertising Intelligence brings all your ad campaigns under one roof so you can see what’s working across various platforms. Advertising Intelligence gives you detailed insight behind the campaigns that are producing the best result for your brand. You can also pinpoint what’s making you money, and use automation to stay on top of reporting.

Advertising Intelligence is a free digital ad reporting tool with an option to upgrade to the Advanced Reporting add-on which gives you access to:

  • Individual campaign details (deeper analysis into campaigns)
  • Customized date range to discover trends
  • Campaign funnel and objective
  • Keyword and ad analysis


What are the main features of Advertising Intelligence?

  • The ROI Calculator: Using Average Sale and Close Rate data collected from each unique user, a precise ROI can be calculated for your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Executive Report Integration: View reporting for advertising, along with other products in our Business Center. Now you can see what’s happening across all digital marketing channels in one place.
  • Google Ads Manager Accounts and Facebook Business Manager support: Connect your individual accounts via your Manager Account or through Facebook.
  • Live ad reporting: Real time reporting for your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns.

What advertising platforms are included with Advertising Intelligence?

Google and Facebook are the most widely used advertising platforms. Included in Advertising Intelligence, you get access to reporting from:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Gmail Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Messenger Ads
  • Audience Network Ads

What is the value of a reporting product like Advertising Intelligence?

  1. Managing ad campaigns for on multiple platforms can be messy. Brands spend too much time juggling campaigns, analyzing data from across platforms, and reporting requirements for multiple campaigns. Staying on top of all campaigns can seem chaotic and often reactive— resulting in missed opportunities for campaign renewals. You need a streamlined way to manage, navigate, and keep track of your ad accounts across all platforms.
  2. Creating manual reports is not scalable. You want to see how your ads are performing. Brands need to provide proactive and detailed reporting to prove their worth and ROI, but creating these manually is time consuming and not scalable.
  3. The communication required to manage ads is tiresome and doesn’t scale. Throughout the lifecycle of campaign, countless emails and phone calls will have been exchanged. The back and forth of providing constant updates eats into the brands margins and time.

What happens after this product is activated?

The Advertising Intelligence reporting dashboard will be available in your Business Center.

Is there a video that can help me understand the value of using a tool like advertising intelligence?

How do I get started?

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