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13 Students Join Gabriel PR Training & Mentorship Program

13 Students Join Gabriel PR Training & Mentorship Program

With Gabriel PR offering a Training and Mentorship program, students have the opportunity to kickstart their career by building work experience and their portfolio. Gabriel PR recruits students either currently enrolled in a college or university program or recently graduated. While the current Summer and upcoming Fall placements are remote work, students are still able to learn how to assimilate themselves into a new role and handle day-to-day tasks.

The Spring/Summer 2020 internship program provided many opportunities and room for growing and acquiring a number of different skills. Besides writing weekly articles for FBI STYLE Magazine (Gabriel PR’s sister publication) on their chosen industries, students are assigned clients to work with directly, as well as encouraged to network with potential new clients. By using Gabriel PR as a platform, students are given the chance to build professional relationships and networks. 

The professional relationships built throughout the internship program have the potential to translate into a formal or casual connection that will be with the student throughout their career if they so choose. Gabriel PR clients can rely on the work and expertise of the students to help them with Public Relations, Branding and Digital Marketing services. By using a number of tools and other media and communication platforms, there is always a way to stay connected and network with brands in need of the growth, recognition and traffic they deserve. The students’ role is to help brands get their company off the ground and into the world.

“As a student enrolled in a Professional Communication major and PR minor, I am able to get hands-on experience with clients, while working from home”, says PR Associate, Sara Conde. “My professional relationships are strengthened by using media communication tools. And with the consistent use of Zoom and Slack, my peers and I are able to work collectively and effectively share ideas”. Whilst building professional connections, students engage with different audiences by contributing to the company’s social media and publishing creative writing content. 

FBI STYLE, a digital magazine published by Gabriel PR, is a platform where students are writing and sharing articles for online publishing while building on existing skills and strengthening weaker skills. The creative writing process allows students to discover new passions on certain topics and develop research skills in new areas. 

The Training & Mentorship program not only gives rookies opportunities but the management team as well. Mentors in Gabriel PR teach others, which improves their coaching styles and allows for a smooth transition while welcoming new members to the company. Mentors also get exposure to new ideas and approaches from mentees. This not only allows the company/brand to grow, but it allows everyone to develop projects from different perspectives. 

Overall, the training and mentorship program offers quality learning and valuable skills that students and graduates can apply to future projects and job opportunities. Students expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from experienced mentors, and build their professional networks. For more information and to learn about current opportunities, visit https://gabrielpr.ca/training-mentorship/


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