Encouraging Excellence in the Caribbean Community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (September 23, 2015)—According to statistics, only 23 per cent of children of Latin American and Caribbean descent in Canada go on to tertiary education and one University of Toronto (U of T) professor believes that part of the reason for this low statistic could be due to the lack of “cultural capital” or a system or network of influence that sets a student up for success.

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Dr. Nekessa Remy Appears on Social Life in Peel, Rogers TV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MISSISSAUGA, ON (May 23, 2015)—It’s the season for going outdoors and getting a good run in, but runners beware of injuries that can occur from your routine run.

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Gabriel PR Helps Youth with Career & Education Challenges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sandra Gabriel speaks to youth about navigating career and educational paths. TORONTO, ON, (Feb 02, 2011)—Sandra Gabriel, chief relationship officer for Gabriel Press & Relationships (Gabriel PR), Toronto PR agency, spoke to a group of youth at the Center for Education & Training (CET) in Mississauga, ON last week, about how to navigate their way through choosing a career and education path.

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