Are You Down With O.P.P.: Other People’s Passions?

It’s easy to build a brand or a marketing campaign based on what we think is a good idea but the reality is that the best brands tune into their audience intimately and they know how to get down with Other People’s Passions: O.P.P.

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How To Overcome Travel Disruption

According to the 2017 Travel & Hospitality Industry Outlook by Deloitte, the industry has seen a fair bit of disruption in 2016 that will likely repeat itself in 2017. A combination of forces, including shifts in the global economy, game-changing innovation, geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters, pandemics, and rising consumer demands reshaped the travel landscape in 2016. Expect a similar climate in 2017. Most smart travel leaders have come to accept this frenetic pace of disruption as the norm and must try to remain vigilant, as the winners in 2017 will likely be those most responsive to change. Being responsive to …

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