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Are You Down With O.P.P.: Other People’s Passions?

It’s easy to build a brand or a marketing campaign based on what we think is a good idea but the reality is that the best brands tune into their audience intimately and they know how to get down with Other People’s Passions: O.P.P.

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How to Create a Winning Brand Strategy

Joshua Conran, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and Senior Partner at Deksia¬†offers some solid advice on creating your winning brand strategy, but both Joshua and I agree that there is no silver bullet approach to a successful brand strategy. Some times it takes trial and error before you get into a good ‘brand rhythm’ but you can reduce the amount of error if you: Know your story Know your customer Share your story/message far and wide Keep an eye on competitors i.e. offer something they’re not offering Live, eat, sleep and breath your brand…be authentic and consistent. Read Joshua’s full article here. …

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