Tara L. Paige

Brand Development

About the Client

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If you can imagine a burst of sunshine, mixed with high energy, engulfed in the truths of the Spirit, you can embrace the energy and presence Tara L. Paige packs. A woman who has exercised her faith to grow through some of life’s most challenging experiences, which you can read about in her debut novel: 5 Kids and I Had the Nerve to ask God for a Husband; Paige brings her forthrightness and passion to encourage and inspire others to live their best lives through the love of Jesus Christ. Whether by her Louisiana or Alabama roots or her Texas adulthood, Tara Paige will grab you with a touch of Southern twang or colloquialism your ear was not expecting and grab your heart.


Project Summary

  • Client : Tara L. Paige
  • Date : March 20, 2014
  • Tags : Branding, Consulting, Design, Online Marketing, Public Relations, Web Development