Branding Your Empire is a 4-part, self-paced program that guides you through the process of defining your brand, understanding and planning your public relations and engaging online to get more Likes, Followers, Tweets, shares and more. In the Branding Your Empire Masterclass, you will:

* Discover your brand
* Get to know your audience and how to target them
* Build your media and key contacts list
* Create a bank of speaking and other PR opportunities to increase your brand exposure
* Participate in a series of field exercises that will have you connecting and engaging online in no time.

Your materials will include:

Part 1: Defining Your Brand questionnaire and 2 brand assessments

Part 2: Understanding Public Relations Workbook

Part 3: The online marketing guide and field exercises

Part 4: Public Relations Action Guide

You will also have access to a Resource Guide that points you to the right places to get help with brand design, web development, social media management and more.

As a bonus, I’m also offering a free insert on Media Training 101: A Summary of Best Practices where you get a complete listing of do’s and dont’s for working with the media.

Lastly, don’t forget to book your strategy session with me if you feel like you could use some additional guidance or you can meet me in The Branding Studio on Facebook to get feedback from me and your fellow entrepreneurs.

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Sandra Gabriel is the President & CEO of Gabriel PR, a brand production and management company. She has worked and consulted with over a hundred brands around the world in almost 12 years and her portfolio of projects has grown to include everything from social media marketing, to advertising, web development, graphic design, media relations, partnerships, sponsorship, event planning and more. Learn more about Sandra


Sandra what can I say your passion to taking one's business to the next level is outstanding. You guided me with social media techniques for my real estate business, and now wherever I go it's " hey your that real estate lady" Thank you for the tips!

- Jasmine Lee :: Realtor -

I have been a client for Sandra since early 2012. Since our first meeting, she has continued to blow me away with incredible precision, intellect and results. My brand has grown significantly since it has been blessed with her magic touch and every day she continues to illustrate that she is the best candidate for the job. I highly recommend Gabriel PR to any business seeking public relations services.

- Pauleanna Reid :: Speaker, Writer & Brand Strategist -

In the pursuit of defining myself and how I can build my own brand, I came to Sandra for help. She delivered professionally on time and asked all the right questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to hire her for PR help.

- Derek Wisniewski :: Sr. Account Executive -

I know Sandra as an expert in her field of PR. She has helped me to define and create a more focused approach to my marketing plan. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a dedicated PR professional.

- Lynne Protain, PFP :: Senior Financial Advisor, Imperial Service CIBC -