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Gabriel PR is a boutique Brand Production & Management company founded by Sandra Gabriel. Since 2005, Gabriel PR has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to start, launch, promote and grow their brands. We use custom communications strategies to build lasting relationships that have a positive impact on your business. Relationships are the key to building a strong brand and you can’t build relationships without communication.

What We Do

Our art is the ability to transform once voiceless platforms into blossoming bellowing brands. Be heard. Get listened to. Our personalized Brand Strategy, Brand Design & Brand Management services, creates the perfect approach to build powerful relationships over the long-haul.

Our portfolio of projects spans several industries including technology, entertainment, advertising, film & television, financial services, health & wellness, events, fashion, fitness and more. View our portfolio and stop by our newsroom to read the latest client and company news.

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Meet The Founder

Sandra Gabriel is the President & CEO of Gabriel PR. Sandra has been studying and practicing Public Relations & Communications for almost 12 years and has gained specialization in branding, social media marketing and publicity.

Sandra has worked across a wide range of industries including non-profit, financial services, advertising, film & television, tradeshow, fashion & beauty, health and wellness and more.

Sandra holds a BA, Applied Communication from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and a Public Relations Certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto, ON

Her Mission

To build the next generation of BIG brands and create Branding programs for clients, that will raise their business profile and deliver results by way of:

  • Greater brand and customer loyalty;
  • Increase in customers and customer retention;
  • Increased credibility;
  • Increased visibility;
  • Increased exposure to the media and greater media attention;
  • Improved business relationships;
  • Community building; and
  • Greater reach and industry connections.
Why Gabriel PR?
  • You want to establish your brand and position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.
  • You want a long-term strategy that will stick and you want to build a credible business reputation.
  • You want to work with an experienced professional who is diligent, focused, resourceful and connected.

Let’s get started on building your awesome brand today!

Find Sandra on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her blog at

Our Dream Team
We help make your brand dreams come true.

Naomi Fergusson

Creative Director

Safia Bartholomew

Brand Storyteller

Chantal Pereira

Business Manager

Jocelyn Fernandez

Admin Support

Jessica Carlo

Digital Marketing Consultant

Danielle Hairston

Digital PR & Creative Writing


Clients who consult with us have worked with or been featured in the below media.

Client Affiliations


Have a look at our client portfolio on tumblr

Sandra what can I say your passion to taking one's business to the next level is outstanding. You guided me with social media techniques for my real estate business, and now wherever I go it's " hey your that real estate lady" Thank you for the tips!

- Jasmine Lee :: Realtor -

I have been a client for Sandra since early 2012. Since our first meeting, she has continued to blow me away with incredible precision, intellect and results. My brand has grown significantly since it has been blessed with her magic touch and every day she continues to illustrate that she is the best candidate for the job. I highly recommend Gabriel PR to any business seeking public relations services.

- Pauleanna Reid :: Speaker, Writer & Brand Strategist -

In the pursuit of defining myself and how I can build my own brand, I came to Sandra for help. She delivered professionally on time and asked all the right questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to hire her for PR help.

- Derek Wisniewski :: Sr. Account Executive -

I know Sandra as an expert in her field of PR. She has helped me to define and create a more focused approach to my marketing plan. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a dedicated PR professional.

- Lynne Protain, PFP :: Senior Financial Advisor, Imperial Service CIBC -


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A focused and unique platform develops the kind of customer or client loyalty that builds digital empires. In this super competitive market, differentiating your brand, refining your product or service and standing out from the crowd are essential. Read More

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This is where the magic happens (the fun part ;-)). Together we create your fresh new logo, banners, themes, fonts, colors and especially the images that adequately communicate your brand values to your ideal audience. Read More

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For a brand to build momentum, grow and expand, consistent engagement is required on multiple platforms. Online networks as well as groups and communities are ready to feel your presence. Read More


A focused and unique platform develops the kind of customer or client loyalty that builds digital empires. In this super competitive market, differentiating your brand, refining your product or service and standing out from the crowd are essential. Through research layered with clear and consistent messaging Gabriel PR puts YOU in the limelight.

Our Brand Strategy program shows you exactly what it takes to create a professional brand that grows as steadily as your business.

Define: Learn how to clearly define your purpose and passion in life. This is literally one of the most powerful things you will ever do.

Manifest: The second thing we do is transform your passion into a serious and viable business platform.

Engage: When we’re done with the aesthetics, we construct the messages and written copy of your platform. Then it’s a matter of designing a proper communication plan for ongoing brand engagement and development.

Gabriel PR believes your passion is a platform waiting to happen, ready to be optimized and earn the recognition that it deserves. We provide the “passion pivot” that turns your ideas, your purpose, your dream; into a workable business with a distinguished brand identity.

Branding Your Empire
Brand Design

Your Brand Design is the visual part of your brand that makes it easy for your clients to identify and recognize your business, products and services.

Creating your logo and establishing your visual identity is the starting point of any business or endeavor. We work directly and personally with you in order to accurately translate your ideas and strategy into a lasting and recognizable brand.

We will research and identify the best visuals, including images, fonts, colours and backgrounds that will make up your “brand style” and keep all designs in line with your brand identity.

You may also need something tangible that your clients can hold in their hand, look over, read through and keep on hand for future reference. We combine your thought provoking copy with our eye-catching graphics and impressive images to make your flyers, brochures, book covers and more, into enticing yet compelling marketing material.

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Brand Management

You’re here and ready to put some “Lights, Camera, Action!” on your brand to become the star you know you are. You’ve worked hard, planned the launch of your new product/service and you’re ready to take specific steps to spread the word and get your name out there.

For a brand to build momentum, grow and expand, consistent engagement is required on multiple platforms. Online networks as well as groups and communities are ready to feel your presence.
Brand Management is our PR & Social Media program that brings attention to your brand and shares your platform with the world. Some outcomes of this program include:

Positioning for media opportunities like interviews, guest appearances and media mentions.

Placement at the most noteworthy events and conferences.

We will set you up to receive nominations and highly acclaimed awards in your community.

Connect you with the most influential people and brands in your industry.

Line you up for some sweet partner and sponsorship opportunities.
We work together to raise your profile, increase your credibility, raise brand awareness and make you a star!

Ongoing website management which is the central hub for your entire platform.

Weekly social media management to maintain your presence on SM platforms and continually plant seeds of your brand identity.

Regular outreach and engagement through consistent promotional and advertising efforts that get results.