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Gabriel PR is a boutique Brand Production & Management company founded by Sandra Gabriel. Since 2005, Gabriel PR has worked with entrepreneurs around the world to start, launch, promote and grow their brands. We use custom communications strategies to build lasting relationships that have a positive impact on your business. Relationships are the key to building a strong brand and you can’t build relationships without communication.

What We Do

Our art is the ability to transform once voiceless platforms into blossoming bellowing brands. Be heard. Get listened to. Our personalized Brand Strategy, Brand Design & Brand Management services, creates the perfect approach to build powerful relationships over the long-haul.

Our portfolio of projects spans several industries including technology, entertainment, advertising, film & television, financial services, health & wellness, events, fashion, fitness and more. View our portfolio and stop by our newsroom to read the latest client and company news.



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Meet The Founder

Sandra Gabriel is the President & CEO of Gabriel PR. Sandra has been studying and practicing Public Relations & Communications for almost 12 years and has gained specialization in branding, social media marketing and publicity.

Sandra has worked across a wide range of industries including non-profit, financial services, advertising, film & television, tradeshow, fashion & beauty, health and wellness and more.

Sandra holds a BA, Applied Communication from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and a Public Relations Certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto, ON

Her Mission

To build the next generation of BIG brands and create Branding programs for clients, that will raise their business profile and deliver results by way of:

  • Greater brand and customer loyalty;
  • Increase in customers and customer retention;
  • Increased credibility;
  • Increased visibility;
  • Increased exposure to the media and greater media attention;
  • Improved business relationships;
  • Community building; and
  • Greater reach and industry connections.
Why Gabriel PR?
  • You want to establish your brand and position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.
  • You want a long-term strategy that will stick and you want to build a credible business reputation.
  • You want to work with an experienced professional who is diligent, focused, resourceful and connected.

Let’s get started on building your awesome brand today!

Find Sandra on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her blog at

Our Dream Team
We help make your brand dreams come true.

Naomi Fergusson

Creative Director

Safia Bartholomew

Brand Storyteller

Chantal Pereira

Business Manager

Jocelyn Fernandez

Admin Support

Jessica Carlo

Digital Marketing Consultant

Danielle Hairston

Digital PR & Creative Writing


Clients who consult with us have worked with or been featured in the below media.


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Sandra what can I say your passion to taking one's business to the next level is outstanding. You guided me with social media techniques for my real estate business, and now wherever I go it's " hey your that real estate lady" Thank you for the tips!

- Jasmine Lee :: Realtor -

I have been a client for Sandra since early 2012. Since our first meeting, she has continued to blow me away with incredible precision, intellect and results. My brand has grown significantly since it has been blessed with her magic touch and every day she continues to illustrate that she is the best candidate for the job. I highly recommend Gabriel PR to any business seeking public relations services.

- Pauleanna Reid :: Speaker, Writer & Brand Strategist -

In the pursuit of defining myself and how I can build my own brand, I came to Sandra for help. She delivered professionally on time and asked all the right questions. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to hire her for PR help.

- Derek Wisniewski :: Sr. Account Executive -

I know Sandra as an expert in her field of PR. She has helped me to define and create a more focused approach to my marketing plan. I highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a dedicated PR professional.

- Lynne Protain, PFP :: Senior Financial Advisor, Imperial Service CIBC -


A focused and unique platform develops the kind of customer or client loyalty that builds digital empires. In this super competitive market, differentiating your brand, refining your product or service and standing out from the crowd are essential. Read More

This is where the magic happens (the fun part ;-)). Together we create your fresh new logo, banners, themes, fonts, colors and especially the images that adequately communicate your brand values to your ideal audience. Read More

For a brand to build momentum, grow and expand, consistent engagement is required on multiple platforms. Online networks as well as groups and communities are ready to feel your presence. Read More


A focused and unique platform develops the kind of customer or client loyalty that builds digital empires. In this super competitive market, differentiating your brand, refining your product or service and standing out from the crowd are essential. Through research layered with clear and consistent messaging Gabriel PR puts YOU in the limelight.

Our Brand Strategy program shows you exactly what it takes to create a professional brand that grows as steadily as your business.

Define: Learn how to clearly define your purpose and passion in life. This is literally one of the most powerful things you will ever do.

Manifest: The second thing we do is transform your passion into a serious and viable business platform.

Engage: When we’re done with the aesthetics, we construct the messages and written copy of your platform. Then it’s a matter of designing a proper communication plan for ongoing brand engagement and development.

Gabriel PR believes your passion is a platform waiting to happen, ready to be optimized and earn the recognition that it deserves. We provide the “passion pivot” that turns your ideas, your purpose, your dream; into a workable business with a distinguished brand identity.

Brand Design

Your Brand Design is the visual part of your brand that makes it easy for your clients to identify and recognize your business, products and services.

Creating your logo and establishing your visual identity is the starting point of any business or endeavor. We work directly and personally with you in order to accurately translate your ideas and strategy into a lasting and recognizable brand.

We will research and identify the best visuals, including images, fonts, colours and backgrounds that will make up your “brand style” and keep all designs in line with your brand identity.

You may also need something tangible that your clients can hold in their hand, look over, read through and keep on hand for future reference. We combine your thought provoking copy with our eye-catching graphics and impressive images to make your flyers, brochures, book covers and more, into enticing yet compelling marketing material.

Brand Management

You’re here and ready to put some “Lights, Camera, Action!” on your brand to become the star you know you are. You’ve worked hard, planned the launch of your new product/service and you’re ready to take specific steps to spread the word and get your name out there.

For a brand to build momentum, grow and expand, consistent engagement is required on multiple platforms. Online networks as well as groups and communities are ready to feel your presence.
Brand Management is our PR & Social Media program that brings attention to your brand and shares your platform with the world. Some outcomes of this program include:

Positioning for media opportunities like interviews, guest appearances and media mentions.

Placement at the most noteworthy events and conferences.

We will set you up to receive nominations and highly acclaimed awards in your community.

Connect you with the most influential people and brands in your industry.

Line you up for some sweet partner and sponsorship opportunities.
We work together to raise your profile, increase your credibility, raise brand awareness and make you a star!

Ongoing website management which is the central hub for your entire platform.

Weekly social media management to maintain your presence on SM platforms and continually plant seeds of your brand identity.

Regular outreach and engagement through consistent promotional and advertising efforts that get results.


Gabriel PR Works with Brilliant Software to Launch KidStarter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canadian software producer engages Gabriel PR for media relations services TORONTO, ON (Nov. 30, 2010)—Brilliant Software was ready to launch their newest product, KidStarter in a matter of weeks. All systems were go, except...the press release. Gabriel PR got started on the project almost immediately after meeting with Greg Valiquette, VP, marketing…

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Gabriel PR Helps Youth with Career & Education Challenges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sandra Gabriel speaks to youth about navigating career and educational paths. TORONTO, ON, (Feb 02, 2011)—Sandra Gabriel, chief relationship officer for Gabriel Press & Relationships (Gabriel PR), Toronto PR agency, spoke to a group of youth at the Center for Education & Training (CET) in Mississauga, ON last week, about how to…

14 0

Gabriel PR Works with Best Health Spa in Toronto

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gold winner of best health spa award works with Toronto PR agency to tell their story. TORONTO, ON (Mar 31, 2011)—Gabriel Press & Relationships (Gabriel PR) was contracted by Featuring . . . You Spa and Salon to help tell the company and owner’s story. Mary Orlando, owner of Featuring . .…

8 0

Pauleanna Reid Launches Writers Blok

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nationally published journalist launches writing mentorship program for budding writers. TORONTO, ON (June 4, 2011)—Pauleanna Reid, a Nationally published journalist in Canada has decided to pay her writing talents forward and mentor young writers to help improve their writing skills. “Giving back is something that is very important to me,” says Reid.…

23 0

LDATD Engages Gabriel PR for PR & Social Media Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District contracts Toronto PR firm for public relations and social media services TORONTO, ON (June 15, 2011) - The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District (LDATD) will be seeing many changes over the next few months. With the help of Gabriel Press and Relationships (Gabriel PR),…

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Gabriel PR Goes 2.0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boutique Public Relations and Communications firm receives a website facelift TORONTO, ON (June 21, 2011)—Gabriel Press and Relationships (Gabriel PR) has a fresh look for its company website. Gabriel PR has tweaked its online presence to demonstrate core values and services that meet customer needs. The website contains information about the firm,…

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Gabriel PR Educates Ontario Startups on PR & Social Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto PR agency delivers PR and social media presentation to self-employed entrepreneurs TORONTO, ON (June 28, 2011)—Gabriel Press & Relationships (Gabriel PR) recently delivered a presentation to help Ontario startup businesses understand the use and benefits of public relations and social media as an essential part of their business marketing. "It's important for new…

29 0

GGA Contracts Gabriel PR for 2011 Street Golf Tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Grassroots Golf Association hosts Toronto's first Street Golf Tour and calls on Gabriel PR for event planning and promotion. TORONTO, ON (July 2011)—The Grassroots Golf Association (GGA) a non-profit organization, engaged Gabriel for event planning and promotion services for the 2011 Street Golf Tour being held at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada on…

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Pauleanna Reid works with Gabriel PR to Help Women Live Their Passions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (April 2, 2012)—Pauleanna Reid, Professional Writer & Motivational Speaker is working with Gabriel PR to help women, young and old, find and live the life of their dreams with the Think BIG Workshop. The workshop is intended to drive discussion to get women motivated about their lives again, but it’s…

10 0

Pauleanna Reid Hosts The Think BIG Workshop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motivational speaker and Image Consultant hosts workshop for women to find their passion and live a life they desire. TORONTO, ON (June 3, 2012)—Thinking big doesn’t necessarily mean that you dream of being the richest, most successful person in the world. Thinking big is whatever you make it; success comes in all…

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Pauleanna Reid on Daytime Toronto on Rogers TV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Image Consultant and Stylist appears on Daytime Toronto to discuss Summer Fashion TORONTO, ON (June 13, 2012)—Pauleanna Reid appears live on Daytime discussing summer fashion tips every woman should know. Neon colors, florals and pastel colors were just some of the suggestions Pauleanna discusses. “Having your own unique and personal style gives…

15 0

Pauleanna Reid Hosts the Mo' Money Workshop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motivational Speaker and Nationally published journalist hosts workshop to help women manage personal finance. TORONTO, ON (Aug. 4, 2012)—This workshop was created to tackle the lack of financial literacy amongst young men and women within the community. The objective was to help 40 young adults enhance their lives by empowering them to…

21 0

Pauleanna Reid Helps Women Get Physically and Emotionally Fit with 'Get Fit' Workshop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motivational Speaker, Pauleanna Reid, hosts workshop to help women kick-start their fitness program and realize their health and wellness goals. TORONTO, ON (Sept. 16, 2012)—Motivational Speaker, Pauleanna Reid, & Wellness Advocate, Chivon John, taught 16 women how to build confidence, attack their dreams and reach for everything they deserve. The floor was…

18 0

Pauleanna Reid on UYE (Unified Young Entrepreneurs)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Image Consultant and Motivational Speaker appears on UYE on Rogers TV to talk about finding passion TORONTO, ON (Sept. 25, 2012)—Pauleanna Reid appeared live on Unified Young Entrepreneurs (UYE) to discuss why faith, love and persistence are essential parts of success both in business and life “Passion is my guide," says Reid.…

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Pauleanna Reid Delivers Keynote at Black Pearls Luncheon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motivational Speaker, Pauleanna Reid, delivers keynote speech at Black Pearls Community Services Inc. luncheon. TORONTO, ON (Sept. 29, 2012)—Keynote speaker, Pauleanna Reid, candidly shares her success story and life lessons to the recipients of the Black Pearls Community Services Inc. scholarship awards. Reid spoke about the values that she shares with Black…

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Palestinian Women Changing The Game

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE There is a culture in Palestine where the men hold the power in business and government, but Palestinian women are beginning to rise up and change that culture. TORONTO, ON (Oct. 1, 2012)—With the decades of religious and civil war and due to the resulting danger, it’s not likely that Palestinian families…

29 0

Meet Maryam Bayoumi: Toronto Event Specialist and Oldest of 64 First Cousins!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Oct. 9, 2012)—Maryam Bayoumi is a self-motivated leader and a knowledgeable, innovative Event Specialist with more than 7 years of experience managing all facets of strategic event marketing, logistics and production. Her knack for event planning came from her Mom, a social queen who planned and hosted events since before…

19 0

No Scents Makes Sense

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE What to do about air pollution at the office for Healthy Workplace month TORONTO, ON (Oct. 9, 2012)— It's Healthy Workplace Month and if you think “air pollution” is a worthy focus, you wouldn’t be far off. Most employees would never refer to their indoor work environments, but the office air they…

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Pauleanna Reid Launches The Best YOU Mentorship Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motivational Speaker and Nationally Published Journalist, Pauleanna Reid starts mentorship program for women seeking direction in career, life and relationships TORONTO, ON (Nov. 12, 2012)—The Best YOU Mentorship program provides guidance for young adults and women who are looking to become the best version of themselves. A mentor can help you meet…

17 0

Pauleanna Reid: A Renaissance Woman Breathing Life into Her Passions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Nov. 19, 2012)—Pauleanna Reid is a nationally published journalist, motivational speaker, celebrity fashion stylist and mentor. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions and media appearances, she positively influences, challenges and reconnects youth with their passions while providing the necessary tools to prioritize and execute. Pauleanna uses incredible…

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Pauleanna Reid Launches MissReidTV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Professional Writer and Motivational Speaker, Pauleanna Reid launches her new YouTube channel: MissReidTV! TORONTO, ON (Nov. 27, 2012)—The channel boasts motivational and inspirational videos with Pauleanna sharing thoughts and messages that fill her heart and mind. "It was a pretty big move to the new channel," says Reid. "I had already accumulated…

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Gabriel PR Makes 2 Big Announcements for 12/12/12

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Dec. 12, 2012)—Gabriel PR, a boutique PR agency serving clients in Canada and the US, made two milestone announcements today; in line with the 12/12/12 date at 12pm. "We hired a spokesperson," announced Sandra Gabriel, PR Consultant at Gabriel PR. "And it just happens to be me," Gabriel added. The…

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Gabriel PR Manages First Inter-Client Relationship

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Jan. 21, 2013)—When you work with 2 clients, who also work together, you end up with a fair bit of cross-communication and a lot that can potentially fall through the cracks. Gabriel PR is fearlessly taking on this challenge to foster their first ever inter-client relationship. "It's actually the best position to…

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Sheldon Neil Is Making Big Moves

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Jan. 28, 2013)—Sheldon Neil was born in Canada’s national capital city – Ottawa, Ontario. Inspiring change, healing and hope through music is something Sheldon has done from a young age. He has extended his talents to the field of Broadcast Journalism with a Bachelor's Degree from Ryerson University. Sheldon is…

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Pauleanna Reid & Chivon John Present: The Virtual First Impressions Workshop [VIDEO]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 6, 2013)—Networking mavens, Pauleanna Reid and Chivon John were invited by the executive team members of the SIPO Foundation to teach the staff how to develop social media strategies and effectively market their corporate and personal brands. "For entrepreneurs, it's not just a cliche, everybody IS online and when…

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JLX Hair Is Coming To Town!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 11, 2013)—Jessica Xpressions, beauty expert and Canadian Extensions Architect at JLX Hair, will soon be offering her hair stylist services in Toronto at The Committee, at 306 Adelaide in downtown Toronto. "I've had a lot of demand from potential clients in the Toronto area, which I've been unable to…

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Pauleanna Reid Becomes Brand Ambassador for Beladara Virgin Hair Company

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (February 19, 2013)--Pauleanna Reid, a motivational speaker, professional writer and image consultant adds yet another role to her growing empire as she makes her splash as brand ambassador for Beladara Virgin Hair Company. "This definitely presents a new challenge for me, because as an image consultant, I've always been behind…

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Pauleanna Reid Appears On MTV To Talk About Her Battle With Mental Illness

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 12, 2013)—Motivational speaker, image consultant and nationally published journalist, Pauleanna Reid, appeared on MTV Impact to talk about her battle with depression and anxiety. It is estimated that 10-20% of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder and 20% of Canadians will personally experience a mental…

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Vote Sheldon Neil As Your Next Much Music VJ

Voters have until this Friday, March 15, 2013 to cast their vote. Click here to vote! Simply rate the video using the dial below it and click each of the characteristic tags that you feel describes Sheldon and your vote is in. It's a wonderful time of year for any passionate, fresh, edgy, energetic, funny,…

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Pauleanna Reid & Chivon John Host The Dreamweaver Effect: Vision Board Workshop [VIDEO]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (May 2, 2013)—Pauleanna Reid, motivational speaker, professional writer and image consultant received a resounding response from a Facebook post revealing her vision board and took immediate action to bring together women who wanted to create a vision board of their own and she produced The Dreamweaver Effect; a vision board…

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Pauleanna Reid Featured In PRODUCT Toronto Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Aug. 8, 2013)—Pauleanna Reid, Nationally Published Journalist, Motivational Speaker and Celebrity Fashion Stylist was featured in the May/June 2013 issue of PRODUCT Toronto magazine. In this feature, we learn about Pauleanna's journey from dropping out of college, to being diagnosed with depression, to getting treated, finding a mentor and starting…

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Pauleanna Reid Featured As VIBE Vixen Of The Day

A Vixen is… I’m a self-taught renaissance woman who has successfully balanced a noteworthy career. My extraordinary success story stems from whirlwind past of obstacles such as: depression/anxiety, lack of education & naysayers. Today, I’m brand new. I am happy, healthy and most importantly, teaching women and girls how to achieve the same. Click here to…

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Sandra Gabriel To Deliver PR 101 Webinar For Small Businesses

According to a 2010 BizLaunch survey of 200 small businesses, 43% ranked Public Relations as the most important marketing tool, but for those small businesses who choose to manage their PR in-house, Sandra Gabriel, PR Consultant at Gabriel PR wants to give the necessary guidelines to ensure their success and protect the reputation of the…

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Top 10 Global Accounting Firm Contracts Gabriel PR To Raise Brand Awareness

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Aug. 26, 2013)—Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting  recently opened offices in Toronto, ON and was seeking a PR agency to help raise their brand awareness. Gabriel PR is proud to announce that they were selected to help with this initiative by Jim Barbour, the newly appointed managing director of the…

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Pauleanna Reid Releases New Girl On The Block Handbook

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Sep. 3, 2013)—Female entrepreneurs face plenty of obstacles, but, according to a new study, the biggest roadblock they face may be self-created. "Gone are the days where the ’New Girl On The Block’ feels intimidated, anxious and doubts herself," says Pauleanna Reid, nationally published journalist, motivational speaker and mentor. "This guide delivers the tools…

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Gabriel PR Launches Web Services Division

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Sep. 9, 2013)—Gabriel PR announced today the launch of a new division, Gabriel Website & Online Services (Gabriel Web Service). "It was a natural decision for us," says Sandra Gabriel, Chief Relationship Officer at Gabriel PR. "We needed to create a solution for our growing list of web development clients…

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Public Relations 101 With Sandra Gabriel [VIDEO]

Like the PowerPoint presentation? Click here to download PUBLIC RELATIONS RESOURCES Press & News Release Outlets Briefing Wire PR Log News Box Press Release Point My PR Genie Pamper Me Network PR Link (Toronto) Visit Small Business Solver for more resources.

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BOLD. BARE. POWERFUL. Pauleanna Reid Joins 14 Other Women For Emotional Intelligent Conversation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Oct. 17, 2013)—The 2013 Bare Day Campaign is a campaign with a mission to promote emotional intelligence through education, advocacy and change, by unifying women to affirm their self-acceptance, while being conscious of how their societal conditioning effects their minds and behavior. Janét Aizenstros, CEO and Founder of JAOM Omni…

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Next Level Branding Part I: Let Your Passion Be Your Guide

So you’ve got a brand; a logo, an image a message, a product, service or event that hundreds and even thousands of people support, but you know, deep down inside, that there is so much more that you want to do and so much more that you want to give. Your passion is finally aligning with…

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Next Level Branding Part II: Getting Your Name ‘Out There’

Now that you’ve taken a few days to rethink your brand, you are now ready to take the next step: getting your name out there. In part I of the Next Level Branding series I mentioned that this process does not happen overnight and rightly so. Essentially what you will be doing is making connections and building…

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Next Level Branding Part III: Connecting With People

This last installment of Next Level Branding is all about good, old-fashioned, face-to-face communication. There is no connection like the connection made when people can actually see and hear each other. Sure there are still online technologies like Skype and FaceTime to facilitate this communication, but adding the human touch; letting people see you and even shake your hand…

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Pauleanna Reid Gives Insight into Depression, Mental Health Issues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Nov. 6, 2013)—One in five Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime; an often silent issue which can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide. Journalist and motivational speaker Pauleanna Reid sat down with Co-host Eternia for an episode of ‘Love is Moving’ on Global Television to discuss bullying,…

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Pauleanna Reid Releases Preview To Her First Novel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Nov. 12, 2013)—Pauleanna Reid, motivational speaker and nationally published journalist released a preview of her first adult-ficiton novel called: Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother. The novel is a coming-of-age story for any woman who has ever questioned her sexual maturity and readiness, stayed silent at a time when she should…

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Brand Stylist

I have always been fascinated with the way fashion stylists and interior designers combine textures and colours and patterns to create amazing looks and spaces that people just fall in love with. My job as a Brand Stylist is to combine your passion, vision, message and identity to create your brand and give it some…

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PR Girl

Ahhhhh....relationships! Funny enough, business relationships are built in the exact same way as romantic or any other relationships, except in PR, we apply a strategy and drawn out plan on how to build mutually beneficial relationships for our brand over the long-term. Your PR Girl will work with you to identify your target audience and…

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Almost Human: For Ealy or For The Show?

Do you watch it because it's a good show or because you want an excuse to swoon over Michael Ealy? It's only a couple hours before the American Music Awards comes on tonight and I decide to peek in on the latest show to be added to the Global TV family: Almost Human starring the…

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The American Music Awards 2013 [LIVE TWEET]

This post is rated PG. Tweets about "#amas"

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MadWoMan Chronicle #1: The Parking Ticket

It was literally a cold and rainy day. I had a pretty big print job to pick up and deliver to a client before heading uptown (during rush hour) to meet with a prospect I had been trying to meet with for months...but let me give you the backstory first... The week before this rainy…

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Farewell Nelson Mandela

I'm listening to CNN cover the breaking news of Nelson Mandela passing away and while we're sad to lose him, I can't help but get a sense of relief for him. The first time I learned about Mandela was in my Black History class in high school. We learned about his stand against apartheid and…

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Essence Music Festival Celebrates 20 Years With Prince!

For the first time in almost 5 years, I'm planning my next vacation and it looks like I'm going to see Prince in New Orleans July 2014 for the 20th anniversary of the Essence Music Festival. I was driving home the other night and I heard Prince come on singing "When Doves Cry" and out…

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Why I'm Doing Away With Setting Goals

For most of this year, I've been exhausted by the whole 'self-help' movement. I feel like a lot of us have been communicating the same messages about having high self-esteem and be yourself, and confidence is key and YOU CAN DO IT! and blah blah blah and I guess there are still people out there…

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Online Socialite

Believe it or not, there was a time when I was so sick of social media, I couldn't bare to read  or see one more thing about it. I was working in corporate communications at the time and social media was still fairly new to me, but my boss wanted me to learn everything about…

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Sandra Gabriel Moving Away From Web Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Jan, 3, 2014)—Sandra Gabriel, Chief Relationship Officer at Gabriel PR formally announces that she is no longer developing websites. "There comes a time in one's career when it's time to move on to new challenges," says Gabriel. "I feel like I've gotten as far as I can go with web…

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Sandra Gabriel Moving Away From Web Development

Toronto, ON (January 3, 2014)–Sandra Gabriel, Chief Relationship Officer at Gabriel PR formally announces that she is no longer developing websites. “There comes a time in one’s career when it’s time to move on to new challenges,” says Gabriel. “I feel like I’ve gotten as far as I can go with web development and now I need to…

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Why Black Women Need To Mind Their Own Business

The day I discovered my purpose, I envisioned myself leading a mass exodus of people from their corporate jobs to running their own business; kind of like how Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt. And it seems my purpose may not be so far off from what needs to happen, especially for Black women in…

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How To Live Life As A Champion

If you want to be the best at something, you have to be ready, willing and able to make a sacrifice for it. Ask yourself: what are you willing to pay to achieve what you want to achieve? If you want a successful business, how many hours a day are you willing to put in,…

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PhotoShoot Day: The Album

At the end of October 2013, I did my first company photo shoot and although I had no idea about where to stand, how to pose, when to smile showing teeth or just lips, I had such a good time! After my makeup was done, I didn't recognize myself. It was a whole different Sandra…

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Stop Waiting For Your Happiness & Create It

What are you waiting for to be happy? Whatever you're waiting for, just stop. Stop waiting and stop letting your happiness be based on external factors, because the moment you let your happiness rely on someone or something else, then you stand the chance of being unhappy. Your happiness is strongly dependent on what you…

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Introducing Gabriel Website & Online Services

I'm proud to announce that Gabriel PR has opened a new division of business to serve online marketers around the world. Gabriel Website & Online Services (Gabriel Webservice) offers web hosting and domain registration services as well as email marketing, SSL certificates and more. All clients have free access to the 24/7 support desk as…

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Up With Joy, Down With Pain

It's true when they say that your attitude is the true determinant in how much a situation will affect you. You can choose to be sour about a promotion that you didn't get, or you can rejoice that you don't have to put your extra waking hours into a job you probably would not have…

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Can Mother Teresa Be A Brand?

Does a brand need to generate income to exist? This was the question I posed in this weeks #BrandChat on Twitter. We didn't see the #BrandChat moderators so I jumped in and moderated it myself lol. @SandraGabriel_ Thanks for going rogue on #brandchat. That was interesting. — Stephen Abbott (@SJAbbott) January 8, 2014 P.S. My Twitter…

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Plant Today, Reap Tomorrow

It's easy to become discouraged when you put in hard work every day to achieve your dreams, but sometimes what we consider as hard work, is just the tip of the ice berg of our victory and if you want to achieve all your hearts desires, you just have to keep going. Get up the…

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Have Joy, Patience & Faith

When you're going through a hard time and facing many challenges, sometimes the best thing you can do is, look forward. Instead of wallowing in the present moment and getting upset about your circumstances, look as far ahead as possible into the future until you can see the silver lining. Some of the tools you…

21 2

Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow

You would be amazed how a simple change in mindset can change your whole life. I remember when I started my business, I was fresh out of the corporate world and still held onto my 'professional ways' which included allowing myself to feel intimidated by my superiors. This carried over into my business as I…

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Gabriel PR Founder Launches Personal Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, ON (Jan. 13, 2014)--Sandra Gabriel, founder and Chief Relationship Officer at Gabriel PR launched her personal blog today to welcome people to her world and open herself to allow clients, prospects, friends and family to get to know her better. "I believe that transparency is a key factor in building relationships,"…

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How You Know You Can Do Anything

If you want to do something good in this life and you believe in the Lord, there's really no reason why you can't do it. I think the mistake we make is that we depend on ourselves to achieve the greatest things in life, when God is ready, willing and able to show us the…

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Let Go & Let God

The best way to find peace in any situation, is to give it up. Just let go of the thoughts, feelings, frustrations and worries. Nothing you can do will change the situation, so it doesn't make sense to dwell on it and continue to cause stress for yourself. At the end of the day, what…

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How To Deal With Anxiety

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with  thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and  the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 4: 6-7 "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In…

16 2

How To Have Confidence In Hard Work

I know you've been working your butt off and that it seems like you're not seeing anything come of it, but one important lesson I learned is that the journey is so much more important and holds so much more for you than the destination. You should rejoice in the work that you're doing and…

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How To Break The Brand Barriers

When it comes to branding, many of us have an idea of what it takes to create and build a brand. We get a nice logo designed, we choose our favourite colours, we throw together some strong key messages and voila, we’re branded, right? Wrong. How can you make sure that you create a brand…

13 2

Believing Is Half The Battle

Nobody else is going to believe in you the way you do. Of course you will have friends and family who support you and even proclaim to believe in you, but you want to make it so that even when their faith begins to waiver, yours is still standing strong. Your beliefs, your attitude and…

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PR or Perish: Why Your Brand Can't Survive Without Public Relations

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder The key to a successful business is through your relationships. And I welcome anybody who wishes to challenge that claim. Dr. P.M. Forni says “The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships. But the quality of our…

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20 Ways To Find Your Calling - Forbes

If you have made it to 2014 and you are STILL not clear on what you were meant to do with your life, you're not alone. I was an admin assistant for 7 years before I discovered PR as the perfect profession for me, but then it was still another 8 years before I heard…

10 0

How To Get Started On Building Relationships With Social Media

The best way to engage on social networks is by building relationships. Social media is an engagement tool that can be used to boost your brand reputation. Actually, as a brand, you can’t afford NOT to leverage social media to building rapport with your clients and followers. Social media allows you to open dialogue with hundreds, to thousands and…

24 0

Best Practices For Sharing Your Content

If you're stressed about having to constantly push content out on the web to remain relevant, you need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. The key is to share GOOD content, not A LOT of it. GOOD content is anything that delivers value. Valuable content is anything that provides timely, relevant and useful news or…

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56th Annual Grammy Awards [LIVE TWEET]

This post is rated PG. Tweets about "#GRAMMYs"

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MadWoMan Chronicle #2: The Inappropriate Investor

It makes me angry how men try to take advantage of women sometimes. I've had so many encounters where men either undermine my knowledge or my abilities. This scenario was one where I was looking for an investor for my cultural inspirational line of T's. After several meetings - we finally had a contract - we met to…

11 0

How To Get Publicity Like Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o is the young and newest starlet hitting red carpets everywhere and in style I might add. Since her debut role as Patsey in 12 Years A Slave, Lupita has been seen on talk shows, in newspapers and magazines around the world. So how does someone just breaking out on the scene get such extreme…

11 0

Get Your Degree In Self-Love

In 2011, Dove reported that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful which leaves me in shock because if 96% of women don't think they're beautiful, what affect does that have on their self-esteem and love for themselves? I believe that loving yourself is more than just thinking you're beautiful, it's the care and respect…

13 3

When In Doubt, Do Nothing

There are so many times when I try to have control over certain situations in my life and it's not until I let it go and surrender it to God that the answers come to me and I achieve optimal clarity and understand on the direction that I should go. To make things even better,…

18 1

How To Get Through Anything

Never try to go over or around any of the trials you may face in life. If you want out, just go through. There is no other way. It's also the best way to learn the lessons you need to learn and grow into the person you know you have living inside of you.

28 0

Spreading Your Influence

Once you decide that you want to touch people's lives and change the world with your positive influence, you can either be the creator of that influence or the promoter of others influence. Just as long as it all aligns with your mission to make a difference.

23 0

Gabriel PR Goes International

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 5, 2014)--Gabriel PR piloted a quick consulting service in December 2013 to give clients a quick run down of branding, publicity and social media tactics to help them achieve their marketing goals. After submitting a summary of their business goals, their website address and social network links for evaluation,…

5 0

Sandra Gabriel Goes International!

In December 2013, I decided to pilot a new consulting service where I can give clients a quick run down of branding, publicity and social media tactics to help them achieve their marketing goals. I'm happy to report that the pilot has been a success! I have consulted with more than 20 new brands in…

24 2

Do The Work. The Spoils Will Follow

I always preach that the overnight success is few and far between and this quote aligns with that so perfectly. Don't try to escape the work you know you must do, in order to achieve the things you want to achieve. Put in that time and effort without fear or worry about anything else. Let…

30 0

You Are Not Alone

I have recently begun to learn what it is to cast all my fears, worries and doubts on the Lord. Not only can he bare my burdens better than me, but He is more than willing and able to do it. In fact, it is His pleasure and a great joy to Him when you…

24 0

Let's Start A New World

It's not too late to start the world again. I believe it's a very simple formula of practicing love, forgiveness, kindness, courtesy and giving to others. If we look outside of ourselves and develop true and genuine concern for our neighbors, not only will we find a way to help improve one life, but we…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #3: A Novel Experience

It was such an exciting time in my life. I finally completed my non-fiction book proposal. I created a Youtube video to tell the world, I posted the news on Facebook and I told all of my family and friends. My head was gassed up and I thought I was super cool. At only 19,…

9 2

Commitment: How To Do What You Really Want To Do

Ask anybody who has achieved their goals in life and they'll tell you that it wasn't an easy road. I think too many of us face struggles and challenges on the way to achieving our dreams and we let it deter us and force us to walk away from the lives we desire and that's…

24 0

My New Obsession With Black Women In Business

In January 2014, I published a blog about Why Black Women Need To Mind Their Own Business and it refers to a report about the state of women of colour in America and it highlights a lot of facts and figures that will have anyone believing that women of colour have the short end of the stick…

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Joy Descends Gently Upon Us

I can almost guarantee that if you get something you really want quickly and in abundance, you can lose it just as quickly and it will be hard on you. But when we receive joy in a 'slow drip' which shows through our blessings, it opens the door to more blessings over time. It's only when…

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How The Wealthy Get (And Stay) Wealthy

Do you have a routine? If so, you could be well on your way to a wealthy life, but if not then maybe now is the time to think about how you can systematize your days for maximum productivity and results. An infographic developed by social-media marketing company NowSourcing details some of the qualities and traits…

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BOOK LAUNCH: Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother

For almost 4 years, Pauleanna Reid has been working on her young adult fiction novel: Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother and I'm happy to announce that we are only weeks away from releasing it to the world. Aaliyah (the books narrator and main character) follows the crowd, breaks her parents’ rules and is quickly thrown into a…

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Pauleanna Reid Releases Details For Book Launch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 12, 2014)--Pauleanna Reid, Canadian author and motivational speaker has released full details for her upcoming book launch on March 22, 2014 at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto, ON. After working on her young adult fiction novel: Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother for 4 years, Reid is gearing up to…

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Why You Don't Need To Worry About Your Life

There was a time when I would let myself get worried over things that were either out of my control or already taken care of. It wasn't until I began to let myself trust that God was going to take care of my needs, that a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I knew…

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How To Overcome Lifes Challenges

Many don't know this but at some point and time in your life, you're going to face struggles and challenges. You can't escape it and there's no way around it. You can pray and be nice to others and give back and do all kinds of nice and wonderful things for yourself and everybody else…

13 0

Black Enterprise Women Of Power Summit

Black Enterprise is hosting the 2014 Women Of Power Summit at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Fl., February 26 - March 1, 2014 to help women explore all the ways they can achieve their professional and personal goals. This four-day event caters to executive women of color and is an opportunity for women to…

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Change Your Mindset To What's Really Important

Whenever I find myself upset or disappointed about something, I remember to ask myself one or two questions: Does this affect my relationship with God? Does this affect my chances of getting into the Kingdom? Most of the time (99.9%), I can answer 'NO' to both of those questions and suddenly my issue loses weight…

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Are You Waiting For Opportunity To Knock?

How prepared are you for the opportunities that you are waiting for? If you find yourself waiting and waiting, then maybe it's time to start doing. Sometimes, you think you're ready, but there are still one or two things you need to do to be fully prepared for the blessings that are coming your way.…

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There Is Something Truly Authentic About You

There is so much more to us as individuals than meets the eye. Below our social or professional exterior, we have a mental and emotional capacity to create the lives we desire, overcome obstacles, endure struggles, transform negative situations into positive, love one another (even our enemies) and to rise above our suffering to be…

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Taking Steps To Improve The World

What is one thing in the world you would like to see improved? What can you do, to help make this improvement happen? Lao-Tzu has a quote that says: "The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" and I would add that it also starts with at least one person.  Whatever the challenge,…

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Exchange Your Doubt For Wonder

I used to work with an organization where I felt the leadership was not doing enough to guide and mentor the younger members of the organization, especially when it came to overcoming roadblocks. My co-worker and I would present a project proposal and we would often be told about why the project would not work,…

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Perfection After The Suffering

I was pointing out to my mother the other day how there are a few places in the Bible where suffering and endurance are mentioned before having the victory and I think it's important to pay attention to that purposeful piece of scripture, because God wants us to know that suffering and struggle are inevitable,…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #4: Sheltered Dreams

Staying in New York to pursue her acting dreams even after she ran out of money, Halle Berry lived in a homeless shelter prior to landing a role on ABC. It was her mother's tough love; refusing to send Halle money, leaving her to figure it out on her own, that helped Halle become the…

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Accepting The Negative Expectations Of Others

Do you often believe what people think about you? How much of what people say, think or expect of you have you come to say, think or expect of yourself. It's easy to fall into the belief that you are what people say you are, but I think deep down inside, you know better. You've…

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How To Start Each Day To Achieve Success

You have to wake up every morning knowing that today is the day that your victory will come. The trick is not to look for what you expect or your idea of success, but look for victory in the little things that come before you meet your success. You victory might look like giving a…

20 0

Defining Yourself Through Reinvention

It's so important that we never stop trying to find who we are and that we never settle for other people's definition of us. Some of us are living according to what people expect from us, but you must develop the courage to be different and be the person you know lives inside of you.…

12 0

Why You Shouldn't Take Anything Personally

We often can't help but feel upset about the trying times that we endure and nothing is stopping us from having a positive attitude about any situation except our ego. The ego can be very deceptive in telling us how we should feel about a particular situation, but there is always some good or some…

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Techniques & Principles To Grow Your Business

Everybody wants to own a business, but not many know how or where to start or what steps they need to grow. In almost every case, all it takes is a little bit of education and guidance. The world of business is far too large and dynamic for there to be a one-size-fits-all solution to…

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Oscars 2014: 86th Annual Academy Awards [LIVE TWEET]

This post is rated PG Tweets about "#Oscars"

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You Are Wonderfully Made

My heart is always so filled with contentment and gratitude when I consider that, not only have I been given the opportunity of life, but that I've been created with love and individuality. The body as a system still amazes me to this day: the food processing system, the healing system, the feeling system, the…

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Join The Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon

Dr. Venus Opal Reese is hosting the Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon March 5-7, 2014 to reveal the inner secrets of Black women millionaires that the "country club in-crowd" would never tell you. Dr. Reese will be joined by 12 other powerful Black women including Lisa Nichols, a best-selling author of 6 books and one…

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How To Win The Respect Of Others

Many people will tell you that you have to give respect to earn respect which is only partially true. I mean how satisfied can you be with someone respecting you, only because you respect them? What about all your hard work and sacrifice? Shouldn't that be a strong basis for someone to respect you? I…

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Jasmine Lee Is Dominating Toronto Real Estate Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Mar. 7, 2014)—Jasmine Lee, a Toronto real estate broker, has been selling homes since 2004 and at just over the age of 30, is dominating the real estate industry in Toronto. On average a good real estate agent will sell 4 to 6 houses per year; Lee is averaging 4…

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Lessons Learned From My Close Encounters With Breast Cancer

In the summer of 2012, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She decided to check out some pain she was feeling under her right arm and while the pain wasn't related to the cancer, the doctor did find cancerous lymphnodes which she had surgically removed. Over the next year, my mom underwent both chemo…

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Leave Childish Ways Behind You

When we're growing up, we engage in a lot of activity that may be appropriate during our childhood, but it tends to hold us back as adults. If you are trying to get to the next level of your life and finding it a challenge, maybe it's time to explore the things you are doing…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #5: Magical Moments

J. K. Rowling may be rolling in a lot of Harry Potter dough today, but before she published the series of novels she was nearly penniless, severely depressed, divorced, trying to raise a child on her own while attending school and writing a novel. Rowling went from depending on welfare to survive to being one…

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Do You Need To Start Making Love Happen For You?

If you are still reading then your answer is yes! And if your answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Then you'll join the Making Love Happen Virtual Roundtable: 4 Steps To Finding, Attracting and Maintaining a Loving Relationship. The event takes place TONIGHT! So you can get started on making love happen for you ASAP. Join Dr.…

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Cynthia Bailey From The Ground Up

Cynthia Bailey is the founder of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, a full-service fashion and modeling school and she is also a successful supermodel, actress, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star. I had to share Cynthia's story because I can relate to moving to another city to build your career and I really admire how she…

16 0

What Is Love?

Nothing has taught me more about love than when I really started studying the scriptures of the Bible. I've always known about how much God loves us, but the more I learned about how many times He's forgiven us from generation to generation and how He sent His son to wipe away our sins, the…

18 0

How To Reach The Millennial Women Online

According to research from SheKnows and Harris Interactive, 79% of women ages 25 to 54 used Facebook regularly, compared with a  35% who said they regularly visited YouTube, 30% who said the same of Pinterest, 22% for Twitter, and just 13% for Instagram. Millennial women tend to follow more brands than their older counterparts and these younger women…

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Becoming Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind

I know I preach a lot about changing your mind so you can live a better and more fulfilled life, so this is just me preaching it again, but from a different angle 🙂 Consider this . . . The spirit of your mind, is the spirit gifted you by God and it's the same…

4 0

Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother Becomes An Amazon Best Seller

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Mar. 20, 2014)—Pauleanna Reid's debut fiction novel, Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother, becomes an Amazon Best Seller in less than 3 weeks, making the top 100 list for the Children's, Girls & Women Books and Hardcover & Paperback Fiction categories. "This news exceeds our expectations for this stage in…

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Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother The Book Signing

I'm sooooo exciiiiiteeed!!!! After 6 months of planning and promotion we have finally arrived to the day before the book signing of Everything I Couldn't Tell My Mother by Pauleanna Reid. This was originally going to be a post to give you one last chance to register to attend the signing tomorrow, but we sold out!…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #6: Something Better

I wasn't someone who grew up wanting my own business. I originally organized my agency as a coach, educator and curriculum creator because of an annual business plan contest I learned about a few weeks before its deadline. The contest offered 25k in prizes so was worth a shot. I created a website, commissioned a…

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A Guide To Self-Acceptance & Empowerment

You may or may not know this, but only 2% of women describe themselves as "beautiful". Women literally spend billions on beauty products and it wasn't too long ago that surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures rose by 457% over the span of 10 years. This is precisely why my colleague Chivon John created the Self-Love…

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Passblog Names Pauleanna Reid to its Top Achievers List

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Jan. 14, 2014)—Canadian author, journalist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Pauleanna Reid, has been named a Top Achiever by Passblog. The honor was bestowed for her professional accomplishments and mentoring of young women. “It’s an honour to be recognized as a Top Achiever so early in the game,” said Reid. “My…

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Book Launch For Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother A Success

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Mar. 25, 2014)—Saturday, March 22 marked the official launch of Pauleanna Reid’s first novel entitled Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother. With almost 200 guests eagerly waiting to get their complimentary copy and to meet the author, many had begun to predict the book to be a hit. And they…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #7: Losing It All

It's funny how we put so much importance on things that don't matter . . . You may have read in my story how I faced eviction 3 times. Just to clarify, I was not actually evicted, but I did have to go to court to fight to keep a roof over my head. Even though…

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The Art Of Satisfaction

How many of us struggle to be satisfied? When I get to a place where I feel like I'm just not happy where I'm at, I do my best to turn that feeling on it's head and focus on all the reasons why I should be happy and I look at everything that I have…

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4th Metric Music Hosting Bassology LIVE Master Class With Anthony Wellington

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Apr. 15, 2014)—On June 7, 2014, 4th Metric Music ( is hosting Bassology LIVE a bass instruction master class delivered by Anthony Wellington (, one of the most sought after bass teachers in the world. Usually, Wellington holds this class every week for 80-100 students in Maryland, but he's bringing…

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MadWoMan Chronicle #8: Redemption Song

All the things I wanted in my twenties I had by my early thirties ... Marriage, three beautiful children, a house , paid off, car and many upper management positions making a salary that meets my needs. I'd be mad to say I wasn't happy with it all , but I hit the brick wall…

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Music is Your Business: New Masterclass Bridges Gap Between Business & Art

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Young entrepreneurs use the global stage of social media to share one-of-a-kind workshop event with the world. TORONTO, ON (May 6, 2014)—The words music and business are not often associated together when creatives decide to pursue their passion. Trademarking, incorporating, taxes, marketing, branding can all be overwhelming to an artist who wants…

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Tara L. Paige on TMI Radio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX (May 15, 2014)—Author, speaker and Christian believer Tara L. Paige appears on TMI Radio's Author's Round Table with Andy Brown to discuss her debut novel: 5 Kids and I Had the Nerve to Ask God for a Husband - 30 -  Media contact: Sandra Gabriel | 1-888-336-3763 x: 47 |

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Conference for Building Personal & Professional Development a Success

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (May 19, 2014)—This past long weekend marked the 4th Annual SIPO Conference: The Power of Ideas. The purpose behind The Power of Ideas is about making a stand, understanding obstacles, eliminating fears, and turning ideas into reality. Held at the Royal Ontario Museum, hundreds of young entrepreneurs came together for the…

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Author, Speaker and Christian Believer Tara L. Paige Hires Gabriel PR to Launch Her Brand Empire

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX (May 26, 2014)—Tara L. Paige is a graduate of Grambling State University; receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She’s worked extensively with adolescents, and later earned a Master of Education in Integrated Studies from Cambridge College. Mrs. Paige is also a strong believer in the Word of…

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Empowering Future Female Leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (May 13, 2014)—Motivational speaker and journalist, Pauleanna Reid, spoke to young women of  UrbanArts, Young Women’s Leadership Program to give her insights on mental health and to deliver positive messages of overcoming personal obstacles. Reid, who suffered from depression and anxiety as a teen, shared her personal story of combating…

18 0

Conversations Her Way: Women Inspiring Women

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (May 5, 2014)—Groups of women came together in Washington, DC to discuss and dismantle myths in the media. A panel of four talented and intellectual women led the conversations about the often negative portrayal and the misrepresentation of women in the media. The panel, including motivational speaker and journalist, Pauleanna…

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Tara L. Paige Weigh's in on the Importance of Sex in a Happy Marriage [Brides Magazine]

Why Is Sex So Vital to a Happy Marriage? Sex is about so much more than — well, sex: It unites a couple in ways beyond the physical. The connection it creates between a couple, especially newlyweds, transcends words as you drop down to a place of trust, openness, and spirituality. But why is a…

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Pauleanna Reid Makes Top 10 Inspiring Canadian Women List

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, ON (June 19, 2014)--Pauleanna Reid was elected as one of the top 10 inspiring women on, a women’s lifestyle e-magazine, as part of the #29daysofhope campaign to help celebrate Canadian women making a difference. “As a survivor of bullying, anxiety and depression, being nominated as an inspirational leader is such…

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Tara L. Paige Appears on KALB TV Jambalaya

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALEXANDRIA, LA (June 20, 2014)—Tara L. Paige appears on KALB TV's Jambalaya show to talk about her debut novel: 5 Kids and I Had the Nerve to Ask God for a Husband, during her 2014 book promo tour in Alexandria, LA. [gallery link="none" size="medium" ids="10368,10367,10366"] - 30 - About Tara L. Paige Tara L.…

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Tara L. Paige Appears on Good Day Cenla

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALEXANDRIA, LA (June 20, 2014)—Tara L. Paige appears on Good Day Cenla during her 2014 book promo tour, in Alexandria, LA. - 30 - About Tara L. Paige Tara L. Paige is a speaker and author of 5 Kids and I Had the Nerve to Ask God for a Husband. Tara also hosts REAL…

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Tara L. Paige Featured in Yolanda Adams Morning Show Gallery

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW ORLEANS, LA (Jul. 5, 2014)—Tara L. Paige was recently featured in The Yolanda Adams Morning Show photo gallery from the 20th Annual Essence Music Festival. Paige snapped photos with Bishop Ron Gibson from Preacher's of LA and morning show co-host Marcus D. Wiley [gallery link="none" type="slideshow" ids="10374,10407,10406"] - 30 - About Tara L.…

3 0

Tara L. Paige Featured on Doing My Career Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX (Jul. 8, 2014)—Tara L. Paige was recently interviewed for a feature on the 'Doing My Career' Blog to discuss her career path, building her empire and her plans for the future. Read more - 30 - About Tara L. Paige Tara L. Paige is a speaker and author of 5 Kids…

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Tara L. Paige Joins the Conversation on Kids & Faith []

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DALLAS, TX (Jul. 9, 2015)—When All Parenting wanted feedback from parents on kids and faith, they turned to our client, Tara L. Paige for their articles on: 6 Thing I Want to Teach my Kids About Faith and 13 Kids Describe What Faith Means to Them. 6 Things I Want to Teach…

18 0

Defining the Role of a Serial Entrepreneur

If you are multi-talented, serial entrepreneur who gets asked time and again what you do, chances are you tend to over explain yourself and it gets boring or even confusing to whoever has asked. Thankfully, I came across a great resource to help you get clear on what you do and be able to explain…

10 0

Karlyn Percil Works with Gabriel PR for Brand Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (July 2014)--Author, Speaker and Elephant Story Teller, Karlyn Percil recently engaged Gabriel PR for brand consulting services to design and create communications to reach her expanding audience. "Karlyn already has a fabulous brand and we want to help her continue to grow that way," says Sandra Gabriel, Chief Relationship Officer at…

1 0

Tiffany Ford Announces Sandra Gabriel as Campaign PR Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Aug. 4, 2014)—Tiffany Ford, candidate for York West TDSB school trustee recently announced Sandra Gabriel as the official Public Relations Officer for her campaign. "I know the quality and calibre of Sandra's work, so the decision came easy," says Ford. "We'll be looking forward to a fruitful working relationship." The…

6 1

Veronica Wedding & Events Selects Sandra Gabriel as PR & Branding Consultant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (AuG. 4, 2014)—Veronica Wedding & Events, one of Toronto's most sought after wedding and event planners, selects Sandra Gabriel as their official PR and branding consultant. "I have been watching Sandra's work for a while now and I believe that her specific skills and expertise are exactly what we need…

2 0

What PR is NOT: Women in PR Tell It Like It Is

PR is not advertising. In fact they are pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum. Here’s the difference: An advertising message is a paid endorsement with a specific and controlled message. It’s harder to establish credibility with an advertisement because the public knows the advertiser has paid for the space. Public Relations efforts get…

11 0

Veronica Events weighs in on New Wedding Trend on HLN

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (SepT. 12, 2014)– Veronica Fazio, one of Toronto’s most sought after wedding and event planners, gives her expert opinion regarding a new wedding trend on HLN. HLN covered the latest nuptial trend, pay-to-eat receptions; getting the take of several premier wedding and event planners. “The pay-to-eat wedding is a little…

16 0

Veronica Events Named Wedding Professional of the Week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Sept. 12, 2014)—Veronica Fazio, founder of Veronica Wedding & Events is selected as Wedding Professional of the week by Wedding Business Websites, a Vancouver-based company focused solely on website development for wedding professionals. “I am absolutely honored to be selected as Wedding Professional of the Week. As my business enters…

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How to Get Paid What You're Worth

I don't actually have the answer to how to get paid what your worth, but maybe Derek Halpern can help. I just signed up for his webinar on The Secret to Charging $2,500 (or more) per hour and the last time I attended a Derek Halpern training I got a lot of invaluable advice on starting and…

15 1

Single Mom Starts Hot Spots Blog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Oct. 1, 2014)—Michelle Ambrose is a community oriented, event planner, project manager, basketball coach and single mother, with an urge to express her zest for food, travel, mingling and making connections. Given all she's learned in the event planning industry about hospitality and quality dining and by staying in the…

25 0

Blog Launch:

Super excited about launching a new client blog today. Check it out at

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Veronica Wedding & Events Launches Promotion for the Frugal Bride

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Oct. 14, 2014)—Veronica Wedding & Events, one of Toronto's top wedding and events planners has launched a promotion targeting the 'frugalistic' bride. "One thing I see a lot of in this industry are brides who don't have a large budget, but we believe couples still deserve the wedding of their…

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Looking for an Awesome Internship with a Boutique PR Firm?

Gabriel PR is seeking a young and hungry intern to join the team and help us grow. If you're looking for an opportunity to work in a fast-paced and professional environment and put your skills and talents to good use, then this internship is for you! This is a part-time, remote and paid internship for…

22 0

Veronica Wedding & Events Announces The Platinum Bride Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Nov. 19, 2014)—Toronto brides-to-be can look forward to the ultimate one-stop-shop for planning the wedding of their dreams. Veronica Wedding & Events, one of Toronto’s top wedding planners introduces ‘The Platinum Bride Show’, an elegant, one-day event on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at the beautiful Woodbridge Banquet & Convention Centre. The…

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Toronto Lifestyle Blogger Announces Launch of New Men’s Fashion Segment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Dec. 1, 2014)—Lifestyle Blogger, Michelle Ambrose of Hot Spots Diva has announced the launch of her new fashion segment, Hot Spots Dudes. Her project will feature top fashion trends and styles for men. “This is an opportunity for men to discover new looks that will impress and amaze and also for designers to…

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Toronto Wedding Planner Shares the Scoop on Planning Events with 360FM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Dec. 29, 2014)–Veronica Fazio, founder of Veronica Wedding & Events, chimes in on the business of planning events and reveals details of her upcoming Platinum Bride Show, on 360FM. The Platinum Bride Show, which takes place on April 19, 2015 will feature a bridal fashion show, a wedding planning workshop,…

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Making Your Vision Come to Life

In December 2013, I wrote my goals and objectives for myself and my company so that we could be better positioned in our industry as well as in the mind's of our audience. I knew that getting some major media exposure was going to be key, so one of my very first objectives was to get…

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Hot Spots Diva Guest Stars on Styles By Knight Holiday Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Jan. 1, 2015)—Fresh off the heels of launching Hot Spots Dude, the Hot Spots Diva, Michelle Ambrose, was a guest on Styles By Knight Holiday Show to talk about the success of her blog, how she juggles her many roles and some of her top travel destinations. "I was so happy…

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The Oscars 2015 | 87th Academy Awards [LIVE TWEET]

This post is rated PG #Oscars Tweets

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Veronica Wedding & Events Becomes WPIC Certified

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (Feb. 23, 2015)–After a weekend-long course; almost 24 hours over 2 days, Veronica Fazio, founder of Veronica Wedding & Events, receives her certificate from The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, Inc (WPIC) making her a WPIC certified planner. "I believe that continuing education and your professional development is truly important…

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Certified Ace Hosts Webinar to Help Service Businesses Grow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (March 11, 2015)– Certified Ace, a Toronto based company that aids in hiring services, will be holding a webinar on March 26, 2015, to help service businesses convert more leads and grow their business. Ricky Neckles, founder of Certified Ace, will host a live webinar on March 26. The webinar…

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Canadian Bridal Show Brings International Acclaim

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (April 17, 2015)—The Platinum Bride Show is a one-day bridal show that, despite being held in Vaughan, Ontario, is drawing international attention. One special guest of this debut bridal show will be Internationally Renowned Wedding & Bridal Expert, Renée Strauss, star of the Brides of Beverly Hills. Strauss will be a…

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Dr. Nekessa Remy Appears on Social Life in Peel, Rogers TV

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MISSISSAUGA, ON (May 23, 2015)—It’s the season for going outdoors and getting a good run in, but runners beware of injuries that can occur from your routine run. Dr. Nekessa Remy, a licensed chiropractor and budding brand in the lifestyle arena with a focus on health and wellness recently appeared on Social Life in…

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Toronto Chiropractor Joins National Wall of Role Models

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (June 8, 2015)—Dr. Nekessa Remy, a licensed chiropractor and budding brand in the lifestyle arena with a focus on health and wellness, has been selected as a National Role Model by The Black Canadian Awards. “I am so thrilled to have been selected as a role model for the 2015 Black Canadian…

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Seven-Year-Old Philanthropist Organizes Star-Studded Concert to Benefit Students

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LINTHICUM, MD (August 01, 2015)—The First Mt. Olive Freewill Baptist Church in Linthicum, MD will be the site of the Back to School Gospel Explosion, a star-studded evening of music that benefits five local schools to help provide supplies and uniforms for students. The concert is the first of its kind for…

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How to Create a Winning Brand Strategy

Joshua Conran, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and Senior Partner at Deksia offers some solid advice on creating your winning brand strategy, but both Joshua and I agree that there is no silver bullet approach to a successful brand strategy. Some times it takes trial and error before you get into a good 'brand rhythm' but you can…

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How to Live Your Life on Purpose

I came across this great little resource online and just had to share. Introducing The Purposeful Planner by author, speaker and creator of purposeful tools, Corie Clarke. The Purposeful Planner comes in an 18-month weekly format or a daily format, with an inside pocket to store loose notes, tabbed monthly spreads for budgets, menus, tasks and goals.…

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Meet Me Online at the Positioned for Wealth Virtual Conference

I'm so excited to be invited to be on this panel of internationally recognized business experts tomorrow in the 2nd Annual Positioned for Wealth Virtual Summit! This half-day virtual conference will be packed with information to teach entrepreneurs ways to increase business revenue, attract more customers/clients, prosper during any economic climate, get ahead of the…

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Oprah's Advice to Help You GROW Forward

Oprah Winfrey shares what she knows for sure about looking ahead: Every farewell offers an opportunity for a new hello. It doesn't matter if you're in Chicago, Los Angeles or anywhere in between. When one road ends, it's time to look ahead in a new direction. And know that as far as your eye can…

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REPLAY: Positioned for Wealth Virtual Conference

Yesterday's virtual conference was packed with so much information and resources, one participant said their head was hurting from the information overload haha. Thankfully, it was all valuable information; we all learned a lot and walked away with a few new contacts as well as ideas for new projects. Below is a replay of the…

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Free Media Training With Gwen Elliot

Making connections and getting coverage in the media can be a real challenge if you don't know what you're doing but Gwen Elliot wants to help you navigate the waters to not only position you for media opportunities but to get you ready to be on screen, in print or otherwise. Gwen is a media…

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My 2-Day International Experience

When I was in the 'dream phase' of starting my business over 10 years ago, I envisioned having a company that was well-known in North America. If being well-known in North America was a dream then the idea of having international exposure was an ever more distant dream. But believe me when I tell you that dreams…

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Business Apps I Can't Live Without

These days, entrepreneurs don't need to hire a team of experts to help them run their business. There are probably hundreds of apps that can help, but here a few that highly suggest, especially if you are doing your own PR. Evernote This handy little app has gone beyond the function of just keeping notes. You…

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How to Make Connections When You're Busy Working [BLC Life]

I get it, managing a business is a handful. I know you have a lot of things to juggle without being bogged down by also having to stay connected to people, but as you know people are the bread and butter of your business, whether it's clients, employees, followers or even your family. At some…

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Life Coaches Prepare To Transform Their Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC (August 20, 2015)—Industry reports show that many Life Coaches are giving up their dream of helping people and returning to full time jobs due to a lack of time, money, clients or all of the above. But Towanna Freeman, founder of the Black Life Coaches Network, has a solution to…

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Need A Sponsor for Your Event?

If you're putting on an event, I know that getting funds to make it spectacular is always a challenge. Even more of a challenge is getting your sponsor proposal through all the other sponsor proposals to get to the top of the pack and grab the attention of the decision maker. Thankfully our friends at Biz Bash share…

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Using Social Media For Your Media Relations

If your media relations efforts are not working, perhaps it’s because you continue to manage it the old way, when we have so many new tools and resources to share our stories. With the advent of social media, we no longer have to depend on gatekeepers to decide if they want to tell our story or…

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Success Is Born In Your Morning Routine

If you're struggling to succeed and move beyond your current position in life, but find yourself stuck, perhaps there is one place you haven't looked and that's in your morning routine. Experts agree that we are most creative and have more energy in the morning than if we try to push and be productive in…

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Life Coaches Prepare To Transform Their Business

Industry reports show that many Life Coaches are giving up their dream of helping people and returning to full time jobs due to a lack of time, money, clients or all of the above. But Towanna Freeman, founder of the Black Life Coaches Network, has a solution to help coaches transform their business. The 6-module,…

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How To Build Your Media List

Building a great media list starts with knowing your audience, knowing their interests and the media they consume. The better you know your audience, is the better your chances of reaching them when you begin to communicate. If you know your audience is made up of young, entrepreneurial women who love fashion and read Vogue magazine,…

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Combating Injuries From Your Devices [Dr. Nekessa Remy]

Most, if not all of us are a slave to our devices: smartphone's, tablets, computers, etc. but what does that mean for our health? Dr. Nekessa Remy says: "There is a rise of new repetitive strain injuries being reported. Repetitive strain injury (RSI), is a term used to describe a wide range of symptoms caused…

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Winning Social Media Strategies for Public Relations [Forbes]

If you read my recent post on social media relations then you know how important social media has grown in helping with your PR efforts, but Forbes contributor Robert Wynne gives us a little more insight on social media strategies that work and will get you the exposure and awareness you need to build your…

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[VIDEO] Daymond John's Step by Step Guide to Connecting with Celebrity Influencers (Inc. Magazine)

Wouldn't it be great if you could connect with celebrity influencers and have them endorse your brand? In his Inc. Magazine Playbook episode, Daymond John, founder of Fubu, serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor says that depends on if the celebrity will make a good match. John encourages us to redefine our idea of a celebrity and to…

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TV Lineup: Top Shows To Watch This Fall! Video Previews, Recaps & More

I think we're all excited for the return of some of our favourite tv shows this Fall. TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday) just isn't the same without our Shondaland lineup, but thankfully the time is drawing near when we can lock away the world and get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Here are some…

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When Hard Work Does Not Pay Off

Sometimes you work so hard on something; you put in time, energy, blood, sweat and tears and nothing happens, but I'm here to encourage you to keep going, no matter what. I remember rolling out marketing plans that took so much time and preparation. I was literally working 17 hour days for months and when…

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Outfit of the Day: The Betsey Ruched Dress

Click below to find more styles and colour's of this gorgeous dress Betsey Ruched Dress, Intense Blue (Womens Plus Size) from: Kiyonna Clothing

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The 4 Keys To Starting Great Media Relationships

In my blog on How to Build Your Media List, I only briefly touched on the importance of getting to know the media contacts you want to connect with, but it's actually the first and most important step in creating strong media relationships. Everybody likes to know when someone has taken the time to get…

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Spotlight on Dr. Nekessa Remy, Eat Life Balance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (September 10, 2015)—When it comes to holistic health, Dr. Nekessa Remy is the whole package. She is a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, fitness trainer, and health advocate. In her practice, Dr. Remy specializes in injury management through chiropractic rehabilitation but her real purpose is to ensure that a healthy lifestyle can…

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Master the Creation of Wealth and Success in Business & Life

How long would you say you've been trying to create wealth and success for yourself? One year, three years, ten years? Whatever the time, it can be frustrating going through the trial and error and getting no where. You probably feel stuck, you're living pay check to pay check, financial burdens have you under stress…

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If You're A Side Hustler, This Week Is For You!

If you work by day and build your brand by night and you need something to fuel your motivation, ignite your creativity and drive your brand above and beyond expectations, then Side Hustle Week is just for you. The week kicks off on Sunday, September 13 with the BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) Book Swap Event, then on September…

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Shondaland Essence Cover Take Over

The October 2015 issue of Essence Magazine has not one, not two but 6 different covers this month in celebration of the Black excellence in prime time television that is the Shondaland family of TV shows: Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. WATCH: Previews and recaps of these shows and more in my…

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Media Communications 101: When And How To Talk With The Media

If you've ventured into the world of PR and you're looking for ways to communicate with the media, you may have gotten confused about when to use a press release or press kit or a media invite. I've compiled this quick guide on the different types of media communications and the best time to use…

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Andre Walker Moving On + Meet Oprah's New Hairstylist

Yes, you read the title correctly...Oprah's long time hairstylist of 30 years (longer than she's been with Stedman), Andre Walker is transitioning from being a day-to-day hairstylist to focusing more time on endorsing his brand and products. "Working with Oprah has been life changing," says Walker. "It's taken me from the White House to the slums of Mumbai…

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4 Ways To Get Publicity On A Budget [Entrepreneur]

It's true that when it comes to generating publicity for your business, the media opportunities usually go to the popular and more resourceful brands. That doesn't mean that startup brands don't stand a chance. There are still a few ways for new brands to get the exposure they need with little to no budget. Entrepreneur…

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How To Make Your Brand Newsworthy

Lately I've been sharing a lot about media relations and using various forms of media communications, but I thought I would dive a little deeper and explore what makes a brand newsworthy. It's important to note that what is news for you, may not necessarily be news for the media. It helps if you read and follow…

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Public Relations: The Secret To Launching A Successful Product Or Service [Fast Company]

If you're thinking of using Public Relations to launch your brand or a new product or service, the below launch checklist might help. In her Fast Company article, Wendy Marx, founder of Marx Communications talks about the disaster that was Microsofts product launch for Windows 7 that featured a video with a group of politically correct people…

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How To Get Press For Your Start Up

How do you get journalists and bloggers to write about your start up? How do journalists and bloggers find start ups that are worth writing about? Read my response below then click 'View on Quora' to hear from other experts. Read Sandra Gabriel's answer to How do I get press for my start up? on…

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Encouraging Excellence in the Caribbean Community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (September 23, 2015)—According to statistics, only 23 per cent of children of Latin American and Caribbean descent in Canada go on to tertiary education and one University of Toronto (U of T) professor believes that part of the reason for this low statistic could be due to the lack of…

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How To Put Action Behind Your Faith

The scriptures say that faith without works is dead. So you could have all the faith in the world, but if you're not taking action, your faith will get you no where. Unfortunately, for many of us, taking action is much easier said than done. We think a lot about the things we want to…

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How To Keep Sponsors Happy Before & After An Event [Biz Bash]

Congratulations! You've created an astounding sponsorship package and got one or more sponsors on board, but this is actually where the real work begins. Sponsors want to know that you have thought above and beyond the scope of their brand and prepared a program that will help them win clients/customers and brand exposure. Biz Bash…

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FBI Style: The Leather Tote Handbag

Today's fashion feature is the leather tote handbag from Shoespie. Click below to get up to 50% off today!  

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Esquire Magazine Reaches 1,000 Issues

Esquire Magazine celebrates 1,000 issues with a special collector's edition featuring: The Men of Our Time. Some of the men featured include George Clooney, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama, Lebron James and Angelina Jolie?? That's right, this feature of men includes one woman, but you'll have to click below to get your issue and…

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You Know You Need A Press Release When . . .

I'm sure there are probably a lot of new developments and interesting things happening in your business, but you have to be sure that you don't miss an opportunity to share the news. Unfortunately, not many know the best times to write a press release so I'm hoping this quick guide will help. You know…

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Facebook Privacy Scare A Hoax

If you've seen people posting on their Facebook about copyright/ownership of their content and blah blah blah, it's all a hoax. Inc. Magazine warns "don't let the Facebook hoax fool you!" The hoax is a message that claims you need to paste the legal jargon to avoid losing copyright control of your pictures or other…

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Entertainment News Roundup

With so much going on in entertainment and lifestyle this week, I had to round it up into one post so you get a quick update on the latest and greatest. Watch: Tyrese Is Excited About Playing Cookie’s Love Interest on Empire Tyrese Gibson appeared on the Wendy Williams show and spoke about his upcoming…

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What Do You Want To Know?

I spent quite a bit of time writing and sharing blogs on PR & Publicity last month and even though my blog calendar for this month is already set, I thought I would reach out and ask: what do you want to know? Some of the professional topics I can write about include: Social Media…

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Outfit of the Day: The Concrete Rose Ensemble

  FBI Style: Concrete Rose by thesandragabriel featuring rose gold jewellery LE3NO hi low maxi skirt 17 CAD - Valentino high heel pumps 1,030 CAD - Givenchy gray leather purse 2,735 CAD - M Co yellow gold jewelry 20 CAD - Rose gold jewellery 13,265 CAD - Saachi gold jewellery 40 CAD - Rivka Friedman gold pendant necklace 100 CAD - outfit…

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SOAR Retreat: Lifting Women Higher

Steve Harvey Presents: SOAR Retreat Lifting Women Higher. Championing Women’s Leadership & Changing the Rules in Professional and Personal Development SOAR is a 3-day life-changing immersion for women to re-energize their personal and professional power, elevate their financial future and grow in their leadership. Here's what you can expect: Refresh, renew, restore, rejuvenate and reassess…

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EVENT: The Self Love Chronicles

For his first time in Canada, Derrick Jaxn aka the Self-Love Ambassador & Author of "I Still Want It" alongside Toronto’s own Makini Smith the Author of "A Walk In My Stilettos" are joining forces to bring you an evening of intimate and intellectual conversations in "The Self Love Chronicles" moderated by Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, Founder…

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Oprah Winfrey on Variety Magazine

“I am driven to all things by the one thing that is my brand, and my heart is my brand.” ~Oprah Winfrey This month, Variety Magazine features Oprah Winfrey along with Salma Hayek, Anna Kendrick, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Susan Wojcicki, in their Power of Women issue. In the article, Oprah talks about her OWN struggles…

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The New

UNLEASHED! Finally happy to reveal the new I've been working on my new site for almost a year and I'm so happy to finally see it come to life. I've created some exciting new PR, Branding and Social Media packages, beefed up my portfolio and flooded the Newsroom with the latest and greatest client…

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Toronto Lifestyle Blogger's 'Pumpkin Glam' Reaches Hundreds

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (October, 21, 2015)—Monique Taylor-Yee Shui, one of Toronto's newest lifestyle bloggers said she's not carving pumpkins this year, she'd rather paint them and the result was a set of glamour themed pumpkins that put a stylish twist on this otherwise frightful holiday. "My interest in fashion and arts began when…

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Spotlight on Dr. Nekessa Remy on Elevate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (October, 23, 2015)—Elevate Networking features Dr. Nekessa Remy as their young entrepreneur spotlight this month where she talks about her passion, big changes in her industry, some of her best kept secrets for success and more. "I love to share my journey and inspirational advice to other young entrepreneurs," says…

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FBI Style: It's a Leather Thing

  It's a leather thing by thesandragabriel featuring red disco pants Victoria Beckham high neck sleeveless top 2,100 CAD - Anthony Vaccarello black bandeau top 3,050 CAD - Oasis animal top 77 CAD - Topshop stretch skinny jeans 91 CAD - Balenciaga pants 2,515 CAD - Boohoo red disco pants 46 CAD - Lipsy pumps 91 CAD - Tory Burch ballet flat…

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Learning To Face Your Ugly Side

I often look in the mirror and see someone who is cute, pretty, beautiful sometimes even sexy, but one day in the process of subconscious thought, I looked in the mirror and there she was, ugly Sandra. Ugly Sandra is the side of me that thinks she is actually better than some people: better educated,…

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Dr. Nekessa Remy Is Moving To Toronto

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, ON (Oct. 26, 2015)—Mississauga Chiropractor, Dr. Nekessa Remy recently announced that she will be bringing her talents to the heart of Toronto at the Integra Health Centre where they are working to reinvent inter-disciplinary medicine. “Starting in November, I will be splitting my days between The Chiropractic Office and the brand…

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CoachDiversity Institute: First Coaching Firm Focusing on Rapid Demographic Change

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC (October 26, 2015)—CoachDiversity Institute leaders, Dr. Towanna Freeman and Gloria S. Chan, announced that the organization officially launched on Thursday, October 15, 2015. It’s the world’s first coaching institution whose mission it is to empower diverse communities through coaching. The Institute will prepare individuals, companies and organizations for rapid demographic…

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Taraji P. Henson's Media Coverage is Inspiring

In the past couple of years I've become so fascinated with Taraji P. Henson's career and it's growth. These days, she's on the cover of some of my fave magazines and it has me inspired. In August, we saw her on the cover of W Magazine and now again on Glamour Magazine's October Cover and…

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Could Periscope Replace The Podcast?

Over a week ago I finally got onto Periscope and did a little test, asking viewers to help me choose a Netflix movie to watch for the night but then I started to watch other Periscope's and I fell in love with the real time interactivity, matched with the 'current view' visuals and now it…

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Outfit of the Day: The Valentina Illusion Dress

Click below to find more styles and colour's of this gorgeous dress Valentina Lace Illusion Cocktail Dress - Black/Burgundy (Womens Plus Size)

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I Never Realized I Had This Problem

One day while I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do to keep a client happy and how to get another client to pay a bill that was passed due, I came to the end of my rope and my mind opened up and everything became clear. Not to mention, a…

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Create Your Own Media Magic

Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of integrated marketing communications firm, Arment Dietrich and author of Spin Sucks, shared her step-by-step, week-to-week, quarter-to-quarter formula with Inc. Magazine for creating your own media relations magic, and it goes a little something like this: Choose one newspaper, magazine or blog. Comment on one article or blog post once…

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The 7 Keys To Oprah Winfrey's Success

She's worth over $3 billion, she covers every Oprah Winfrey magazine, she has her television network and she started one of the biggest book clubs ever. Not to mention all the Oprah merchandise and events like her Life You Want tour which I was so blessed to be able to attend in Washington, DC last…

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Meet First Bond Woman Naomie Harris

She's the painfully shy girl who was bullied at school and went on to study at Cambridge. An actress who's worked for 30 years, and who this month stars in the year's biggest film--her second James Bond. Yet we still know so little about her off-screen life. ~Cosmo UK Despite having been in film for…

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Introducing Kaisha Lee: Soulful Reggae Artist on the Rise

MONTREAL, QC (November 18, 2015)—Kaisha Lee, one of Canada's soulful reggae artists has been hitting the stage ferociously in Canada, USA and France which includes a performance at Barack Obama's inauguration. Lee has been traveling and promoting I Heart Reggae most of this year, including at the Montreal International Reggae Festival, The Calgary International Reggae…

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Rihanna's Cuban Invasion [VANITY FAIR]

What makes Rihanna special—outside of the music—is that she is someone who is genuinely herself. People connect with her. You are seeing the authentic version of who she is. You can see her scars and her flaws…. She’s gone through things that everyone’s gone through—dysfunctional relationships, things that played out in front of everyone’s eyes—and…

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Beyond The Music With Will.I.Am [ENTREPRENEUR]

Welcome to the world of, the technology startup at the intersection of’s entertainment empire and entrepreneurial ambitions. The rapper, producer and DJ has straddled music and commerce throughout his career: Years before launched in late 2012 with its foto.sosho camera accessory line for the iPhone, his multiplatinum hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas…

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FBI Style: Winter Wear

  Winter Wear by thesandragabriel featuring a fitted jacket River Island fitted jacket Balmain navy coat $4,195 - Burberry lace coat Black long sleeve jacket Bandolino side zipper boots GUESS black knee boots Alberta Ferretti leather sole boots Giuseppe Zanotti suede over the knee high heel boots $1,650 - H m…

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Drake Is One Of The 50 Most Influential People [TORONTO LIFE]

In the aftermath of the tabloid-riddled fever dream that was 2014, Toronto was desperately in need of a rebrand. "The 6ix," Drake's pet name for the city, was weird and edgy and gave grammarians fits--but it stuck. And it marked the start of Drake's dominant 2015, a year in which the actor-rapper blossomed into a…

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Black Friday Shop Till You Drop Extravaganza

[tps_header]It's the time before the most wonderful time of the year and I want to make sure you're all dressed to impress. Now is the time to get the best styles for your holiday outings at record breaking rates. Have a look at some of my style ideas for the holidays then get shopping for…

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Don't Get It Twisted: I'm Not Who You Think I Am

I always gain perspective when I meet and speak to women who look like they have it all together, but are suffering and struggling and facing daily challenges we don't even know about. There are people in this world who assume that because you drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, are married with kids…

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The New York City Venue I'm Totally In Love With

While browsing online for dynamic event spaces, I came across this New York City venue and just had to share about it. 404 is the perfect NYC Venue to host your Milestone Birthday Party, Sweet 16, Non For Profit / Charity Gala, Holiday Party or any other type of Cocktail Reception! 404 offers unique options…

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Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit is set for March 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC (December 7, 2015)—Dr. Towanna Freeman, founder of CoachDiversity Institute and the Black Life Coaches Network, announced that she will host the Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit 2016 to be held Friday-Sunday, March 18-20, 2016 in Washington, DC. The hands-on conference is designed specifically for professional coaches, consultants and clinician-coaches…

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Dr. Nekessa Remy Named A Notable Young Professional

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, ON (December 11, 2015)—Toronto and Mississauga Chiropractor, Dr. Nekessa Remy was named as today's Notable Young Professional on Dr. Remy recently opened opened her office in downtown Toronto after growing her practice in Mississauga for five years. In the last year Dr. Remy has built her brand and has become…

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Radical Success Coach Doreen Rainey to be Honored as Coach of the Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, DC (December, 14, 2015)—Personal and business coach, speaker and management consultant, Doreen Rainey will be honored as the Coach of the Year at the 2016 Black Life Coaches Business Strategy Summit to be held Friday-Sunday, March 18-20, 2016 at the AC Hotel National Harbor in Washington, DC. As Founder and CEO…

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PR Tip: How To Recover From An Epic Fail

Ouch Steve Harvey, that was pretty embarrassing! In case you missed it: comedian, actor, game show and radio host, Steve Harvey hosted the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant last night, but when it came time to announce the winner, Steve may have 'misread the fine print' and announced Miss Colombia as the winner when she was…

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Why I'm Always Going to Practice Public Relations

There are a lot of functions in the world of Public Relations, but the part I love the most is using my gift of writing to tell stories. Along my PR journey, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work and walk with she-warriors; women who have lived through depression, bullying, rape, abortion, physical…

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Toronto Social Worker Releases “I’m Still Standing” Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (January 22, 2016)—Jemila Jackson, a Toronto Social Worker, Counsellor and Blogger has released the pilot to her 5-part docu-series “I’m Still Standing” that features five women sharing their incredible stories of overcoming adversity and exhibiting courage to attain success. Jackson is the executive director, host, and featured subject in episode…

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Is It Time For Your Lifestyle Makeover?

I know you feel deep down inside that you're ready and now is the time for you to transform your health, your diet, your workout, your closet, your finances, your focus, your image, your branding and your blueprint to success. You know your worth, so it's time to raise your game, and make your dreams…

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Author & Entrepreneur To Launch Poetic Memoir with March Reception

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (February 1, 2016)—Author and entrepreneur, Simone Walsh, announced that the official launch for her new book, “Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart,” will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 1:30 p.m EST. The poetic memoir chronicles her escape from bullying and depression. Words used to hurt her. Now…

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The C.A.L.L. Reaches No. 1 On Amazon Best Seller List

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 17, 2016)—Dr. Towanna Freeman announced that her new book, “The C.A.L.L: Inspiring Stories for Young Men About Character, Accountability, Love and Leadership,” will be released in May 2016. Available for a limited time for pre-order, the book has already topped #1 in three different categories on the Amazon Best…

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Jemila Jackson Discusses I'm Still Standing Series on Women Unchained Radio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (March 7, 2016)—Toronto Social Worker, Counsellor and blogger Jemila Jackson was recently a guest on Women Unchained Radio with Sherika Powell to talk about her I'm Still Standing docu-series which features 5 women telling their stories of overcoming challenging circumstances. Some of the gripping stories include dealing with family tragedy,…

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Akademia Names “I Heart Reggae” Album by Kaisha Number 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, CANADA– March 16, 2016 – Singer, songwriter and performer Kaisha Lee has won the Best Album award in the Reggae category at Akademia with “I Heart Reggae.” It was voted best album for March 2016 at Akademia. Winners of the prestigious award are selected by an expert panel of six judges…

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Jemila Jackson and “I’m Still Standing” Docudrama Series is Featured in ByBlacks Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, CANADA – March 27, 2016 – Jemila Jackson, host and executive director of the docudrama, “I’m Still Standing,” has been featured in the prestigious online ByBlacks magazine where she discussed the series, the stories and the women behind them. Jackson’s YouTube series has taken the Internet by storm. The six-part series…

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Season 1 Finale of “I’m Still Standing” to Air on March 31, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, ON (March 29, 2016)—“I’m Still Standing,” the 5 part documentary series introduced to us in January, is wrapping up their first season on March 31, 2016 with community champion and entrepreneur, Shereen Ashman as she revisits the location of her near death experience from gun violence. The series has received acclaim…

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Branding & The Leviathan

In 1852, Isambard Kingdom Brunel had the idea to build the largest moving, man-made object ever built and she was by far the largest ship ever built at the time of her 1858 launch. The Great Eastern originally known as Leviathan and often referred to as Titanic's sister, had the capacity to carry 4,000 passengers from England…

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The Hip Hop Preacher to visit London!

The secret’s out!   Author, speaker and consultant Ava Eagle Brown and author and radio influencer Sonia Poleon have teamed up to bring world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas to London on September 24, 2016.   Don’t know who Dr. Thomas is? He also goes by ET The Hip Hop Preacher. Or, perhaps his infamous…

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Securing Sponsors for Your Business

Startup and small businesses are finding it a challenge to create and manage effective marketing campaigns when they have little to no budget, but corporations spend $17billion on sponsorships each year which could make all the difference in how businesses brand themselves and get their names out there. Lillie Mae founder of Lillie Mae PR…

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Entrepreneurs To Learn The Secret To Securing Sponsors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MONTREAL, QC (September 19, 2016)—Branding expert and business mentor Sandra Gabriel will be hosting a teleconference with PR and sponsorship expert, Lille Mae, founder of Lillie Mae PR to discuss How To Secure Sponsors. The conference is being held on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 12pm EST. "Corporations spend $17billion on sponsorship…

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Leave Your Job, Love Your Life

If you work for an employer but you're bursting with energy and ideas to start your own business or initiative, then you've probably been wondering how to go about leaving your job and starting a new career and building a life you love. Join me and founder of BetterMe Management, Chantal Pereira as we uncover…

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Corporate Entrepreneurs Seek Career Change

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MONTREAL, QC (October 24, 2016)—Corporate employees are slowly realizing their gifts and talents and starting to become uncomfortable in their full-time positions working with employers. As a result, more and more 'dormant' entrepreneurs are finding ways to balance both their jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits, but life strategist and founder of BetterMe Management,…

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Candice Bridge Receives $324,000 Grant for Forensics Research from National Institute of Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL - Nov. 28, 2016 – Candice Bridge, Ph.D., a Professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF), was awarded a $324,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to develop new forensic science techniques to aid in sexual assault investigations. “This grant will enable us to conduct research into…

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5 Reasons Why Branding Is Not For You

It's sad to say, but as much as people have great ideas to help others and change the world, they're just not ready and in some cases they never will be. Branding as a business requires so much more than just having an idea. Here are 5 key reasons why YOU might not be ready…

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Dr. Candice Bridge Makes Brit + Co's List of 2016 Boss Babes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orlando, FL (January 5, 2017)—Coming off the heels of our viral news about Dr. Candice Bridge and her amazing work developing research on evidence for sex crimes, Brit + Co releases their selection of Boss Babe's in 2016, which places Dr. Bridge in the lineup alongside notable women in entertainment, science, sports,…

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Let Your Life Shine

Sandra Gabriel and Chantal Pereira come together to share who they are, why they are here and their plan to help entrepreneurs journey through life, branding and business. As a life strategy and design coach, Chantal is responsible for working with clients to help them discern their purpose, as well as develop their blueprint to…

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REPLAY: Sandra Gabriel Talks Cold Hard Truth on Carib 101 Radio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Montreal, QC (January, 26, 2017)—Less than a week away from delivering her signature presentation, Cold Hard Truth, Sandra Gabriel is invited by Charles Matthews of CMJ Entertainment to be a guest on Carib 101 Radio and give some insight into what brands can expect during her presentation on January 31, 2017. "I'm…

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RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: 5 Secrets to Uncover You Visual Identity

Creating your visual identity is a process that requires much journeying to the seat of your soul in order to uncover the truths that will shine through your brand and help your audience relate and connect to you. This months resource comes from Creative Director, Designer and Visual Philosopher, Natasha Lakos. Natasha shares the questions you…

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RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: Attract High Paying Clients This Week

Elizabeth Purvis is the founder of Goddess Business School and the author of our resource this month: 5 Simple Ways To Attract High Paying Clients This Week! I am a strong believer in keeping it simple and my own experience has taught me that there is no magic bullet to success. Often times, the best…

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Cold Hard Truth 1 of 8: Get To Work

Here's the Cold Hard Truth preview of truth number 1 of 8 on getting to work. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on    

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Cold Hard Truth 2 of 8: Start With Why

Here's the Cold Hard Truth preview of truth number 2 of 8 on starting with why. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on  

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Naming Your Business

Believe it or not, I get quite a few clients who ask me about what to name their business. While there is no silver bullet solution, it is quite easy to determine a name based on who your target audience is, by understanding how similar businesses in your industry have named their business, as well…

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Cold Hard Truth 3 of 8: Get Help

Here's the Cold Hard Truth preview of truth number 3 of 8 on getting help. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on  

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Cold Hard Truth 4 of 8: Do Your Research

Sorry so sideways...apparently what worked last week, didn't carry over this week, but you could always just listen without watching. Either way, here's the Cold Hard Truth preview of truth number 4 of 8 on doing  your research. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on

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In The News: United Airlines, Celebrity Break Ups, The American's Are Coming & Farewell Charlie Murphy

My very first news roundup includes my two cents on the United Airlines fiasco, recent celebrity break ups, American business coming to Canada and a farewell to 'brother darkness', our beloved Charlie Murphy. Don't forget to respond with your thoughts on the topics in the comments below.

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What United Airlines Should Have Done And What They Need To Do Next

By now this subject has reached all levels of sensitivity as more and more facts have rolled out about laws broken and who is to blame and how much was lost in terms of financial and reputational capital. I had to wait to learn more before writing this post but let me recap for those…

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Cold Hard Truth 5&6: Invest Wisely + Forget About The Money

Here's the Cold Hard Truth preview of truths number 5 & 6 on investing wisely and forgetting about the money. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on

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MailChimp Announces Free Marketing Automation for Everyone

The gift of marketing automation is no longer limited to paid accounts on MailChimp. The popular email marketing platform announced today that their marketing automation feature would be free for everyone. Until recently, marketing automation was only available to paying users and today is made available to Forever Free, Monthly, Pro, or Pay As You…

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Cold Hard Truth 7&8: Get Credible. Get Connected.

Here's the finale of the Cold Hard Truth preview series of truths number 7 & 8 on getting credible and getting connected. Watch the full Cold Hard Truth presentation on Stay connected with me in The Branding Studio facebook group so I can answer any questions and give feedback as you trek along the…

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How To Overcome Travel Disruption

According to the 2017 Travel & Hospitality Industry Outlook by Deloitte, the industry has seen a fair bit of disruption in 2016 that will likely repeat itself in 2017. A combination of forces, including shifts in the global economy, game-changing innovation, geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters, pandemics, and rising consumer demands reshaped the travel landscape in…

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Introducing Riley Rose: Forever 21's Beauty Boutique

What initially began as speculation, became a reality last Friday as the new partnership between Forever 21 and General Growth Properties (GGP) is confirmed and they are on track to open 13 Riley Rose beauty and lifestyle boutiques in the United States. “These new, experiential spaces will be focused on accessories, cosmetics and home goods…

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Understanding Digital Marketing Transformation

It's one thing to stay on top of trends, but the process of transformation is where many brands can get tripped up. Achieving a unified definition on 'digital' alone, has proven to be a great challenge among brand leaders. So we know the first step in digital marketing transformation will require that all leaders are…

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What You Need To Do Before Building Your Website

If you're in the process of building your website or searching for someone to build it for you, there are a few steps before you get to design, layout, colours or fonts. This video will cover some of the key things to tackle before you start building. If you need help building your website, submit…

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Sephora: A Beautiful Example of Retail Innovation

After reading the good news on Sephora being named retail innovator of the year by Strategy Magazine, we had to dig deeper and see what this retail innovation thing was all about. It turns out Sephora has taken great strides to digitize their stores and create new and innovative ways to connect with their customers…

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Are You Down With O.P.P.: Other People's Passions?

It's easy to build a brand or a marketing campaign based on what we think is a good idea but the reality is that the best brands tune into their audience intimately and they know how to get down with Other People's Passions: O.P.P. When you consider the things that drive the thoughts and emotions…

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Manks Productions Hires Gabriel PR for Feature Film Campaign

Manks Productions founder James Russell is launching a crowdfunding campaign for their feature film, Happy Father's Day: A Tragedy. Public Relations & Digital Marketing professional, Sandra Gabriel of Gabriel PR will be planning and managing the international campaign to raise funds and bring the film to audiences around the world. "We just hired media guru…

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MANKS Productions Launches its $3.2 Million Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign – a first for Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Toronto, Canada – August 1, 2017 – MANKS Productions Inc. announced the launch of its forty-five day Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finance the company’s first feature film, Happy Father’s Day: a Tragedy. The ambitious endeavor is seeking to raise $3.2 million, one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever launched for an indie…

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FBI STYLE Magazine Coming in 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Toronto, ON)—September 15, 2017—FBI STYLE Magazine, a digital publication created for the style-wise woman will be launching with a preview issue in January 2018, with the full issue hitting the internet in March 2018. "This is not your typical fashion magazine," says editor, Sandra Gabriel," our focus will be on style that…

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Gabriel PR Enters Partnership With Le Germain Hotel

Boutique PR and branding agency, Gabriel PR has signed a partnership agreement with Le Germain Hotel (Toronto, Mercer) to execute a campaign for digital fashion and lifestyle publication: FBI STYLE magazine. "Le Germain made history today as one of our first magazine partners," says Sandra Gabriel, FBI STYLE editor and founder of Gabriel PR. "We're…

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FBI STYLE Sponsors The Empress Walk Charity Fashion Show

FBI STYLE is an official sponsor of The Empress Walk Charity Fashion Show Event taking place at the Dream Lounge in Toronto on Thursday October 28, 2017 in an effort to raise funds for a young woman supporting her mother undergoing cancer treatment in Jamaica. "We're in a phase of building relationships and creating great…

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This Boutique Has One Dress

Life and style blog, has launched a boutique with a twist, there's only one dress. "One of my clients and mentor taught me that as an entrepreneur, everyday is a launch," says editor and branding consultant, Sandra Gabriel. "It's important to create something, get it out the door, collect the feedback, tweak your product…

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FBI STYLE Releases Bold, Beautiful, Confident Issue for SS18

The first official issue of FBI STYLE magazine is now available on the 'News' page of FBI STYLE editor, Sandra Gabriel, is dedicating this issue to readers and subscribers who are dealing with ugly situations in their lives and who are seeking inspiration to turn their "ugliness" into something beautiful and their weaknesses into…

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